There is a question that I discussed before.  Its a topic that has been talked about amongst friends, blogs, and college dorm rooms for years.  It has made its way into television, radio, and several facets of mainstream media.

Here at SBM.net … we are no stranger to hard hitting topics and are not afraid to talk about anything … I mean anything!

So …

Spit or Swallow?

Yes … I’m talking about giving a guy head, brain, top, smoking his sausage and speaking into the mike and … what happens to his babies, man-seed, nutty butter, man juice, unborn potential babies …

In the past I coined the slogan “Spitters are Quitters” … and the t-shirts are currently being designed as a manufacturer is sought out … but … is that really how I feel?  Is this really how “we” (Single Black Males) out here feel … ?

Why now SBM?  Why today?  Why address this now?

Don’t worry about all that … this is bigger than just me.

There is a show on HBO where a well known porn star (of course I can’t remember her name right now) answers questions, interviews people, and some other stuff (she is nude the whole show so I hear every other word).  One thing I did hear was her response to the classic “Spit or Swallow” question from one of her loyal viewers.

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She doesn’t do either.

Think about this … her lively hood is having sex … this is how she makes money.  And this person picked the most conservative of answers.  Them babies are going nowhere near her mouth.

Now … your wondering “but SBM … what about you?”

Well … please please please … spit

Yes … I … SBM … a man’s man … a lover of fellatio … does not want nor need his love juice swallowed or digested.

Let me clarify … I don’t want my girlfriend, wife, or regular FwB  … to swallow.  All else … your JOs and one night stands temporary distractions … knock yourself out.

I know … this goes against the supposed wants, needs, and desires of every man … everywhere … for all of time.  Hell … even I have promoted swallowing for others and in the past … but I mean it this time.  And its one very simple reason to explain it all …

She’s human … she will burp … and I’m going to kiss her sometime after that.

That’s it … I’m that afraid of consuming my own “stuff” … I can live with spitting.  Just the thought of a breath flavored with my own secret sauce made me throw up in my mouth a little.

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Am I alone is this one?  Am I really one of the 5 guys (I’ve had a few friends confirm that I’m not  alone) who want spitters? What about the women?  What do you do?  What does he like?

Another hard hitting topic brought to you from SBM.net  …