..but shawty you don’t know me

One time I was out for drinks with a group of friends, some of us had invited guests while others were out looking for future guests to invite.

One of the chicks my patnah had invited didn’t know anyone in our group so naturally, she gravitated towards the other females. Made small talk, laughed, interacted well – real sweet girl.

So I’m standing waiting at the bar when my patnah leans over and says to his brother’s girlfriend, “You don’t need to become her best friend but just make sure she’s iight you know?”

And while I have never put my finger on it … or tried to articulate it to others, I knew exactly what he was saying. He was not trying to be disrespectful in anyway, but this was his way of saying, “I’m not to sure where this is going but don’t YOU be the one to give the wrong impression on the future.”

In relationships, family and friends can be used as a sealant of sorts, creating a stronger bond between the two. But a bound puttied with guilt and illusions. I believe its the notion that, if the mom likes me and the best friend likes me, I’m set.

Well I’m an asshole and in general … I just don’t like people. Some might even say I’m “a cold-hearted bastard.” That being said, I really don’t care who you’re “seeing” – use your own definition – nor do I feel a need to even know them … unless of course your getting married (having a baby with the person used to count … but that’s too common at this point).

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Maybe its because I am a guy but I think that women more often than men forge this quest for relevance with the homies than a guy may with her homegirls. “Maybe if they like me too … they won’t let him cheat on me.”

Too many times I have run into chicks being messed with by guys that I know … and the chicks take it upon herself to greet, hug and converse with me … in their own attempt to prove to me that they can do something besides knock on the door in the middle of the night to get their walls knocked down.

But on some occasions, this “let me get close to the friends” can backfire and leave her looking like even more of a dumbass.

Drunk Chick: You need to talk to your boy.
Mr. FAQs: [awkward laugh] Who?
Drunk Chick: Intel.
Mr.FAQs: *thinking to self* Why is she even talking to me? I don’t like that ni**a … and I’ve meet her like once.
Drunk Chick: Why does he always do this? Do you see him? He’s got a good women right here, you need to let him know.

She made a couple of mistakes. One, she thought Mr.FAQs would care about her “relationship” with said “boy”.   Two, she failed to realize that Mr. FAQs was not indeed his “boy” but had merely ended up in similar locals due to mutual friends.  Three, she looked like a dumbass and was telling his business.
All in all, unless your someone I’m talking to seriously, I really feel no need what so ever to “know” you nor hold extended and/or meaningful conversations.
Perhaps its because I stay out of peoples business (if I don’t know ish then I can’t be involved in or accountable for ish), but am I wrong to feel this way? Is it rude? I’m not saying that I will change …but … some others thoughts would be nice.
– Mr. FAQs