I just got into my house and am running of about 3 hours of sleep and a 5 hour energy shot I took 6 hours ago … and something about standing up for 9 hours straight in order to watch history makes your body tired and sleepy and … well … enough of my complaining … I got to witness history.

As the little “Obamalettes” came onto stage (Obama’s Daughters) it led me and my friend to an interesting discussion …

SBM: Could you imagine being the guy who dates Obama’s Daughter?
Anomaly: What you mean?
SBM: How do you measure up to him? What on earth could you do to even remotely size up to the first Black President?
Anomaly: *laughs* Yeah … your right.  You would have to be the son of the first Black Billionaire or something.
SBM *laughing too* Right … or maybe the son of a King of another country.
Anomaly: *laughing harder* Yeah.  Could you even imagine being the guy to approach her? Its like she’s royalty now.
SBM: *more laughing* Right … and watch it be some slumming guy … because only he would be the one with the balls.

So … how does one approach the daughter of the First Black President … a person whose father now has an action figure, a comic, a coin, commerative plates, has started a whole industry, and image was plastered on everything imaginable today (although I didn’t see the official Obama Inauguration Tampon … that might take another month).  And don’t say “like any other chic” … because while she might see him as Dad … your Mom sees him as “Black Jesus”.

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In addition to that one … lets suppose your son is this lucky guy.  How do you look like as a Dad now (or Mom … because Michelle Obama is one bad motherf*r … just not in looks *sorry*)? You will always be “the other Dad” … always in a far second.

I would give the son a full 1 year before he asks to be dissowned so the Obama’s could adopt him … and could you even be mad?

I want the SBM lineage to continue down … but hell … I (as the dad) might change my last name to Obama after they get married.  I will admit … he would instantly become my BFF.  Golf, Basketball, Bull’s games … “you can have whatever you like” Mr. President … my bad … I mean Rock (that would be my nickname for him).

Maybe it’s my lack of sleep, maybe I’m still on a “My President is Black” high, maybe I’m so shocked it all went smoothly with little to no protest, maybe I’m mad my brother showed up 4 hours after me and still got to see everything (I was out the door at 4am) … but anyone every thought of this? Is this a real issue for some future suitor? Will the 4 (hopefully 8) years in the original Chocolate City corrupt these young minds?

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