Slim Jackson

  • This week was aight til Thursday. I’m in recruiting, so there’s nothing like placing somebody at a job and then having them get fired the first day. I really don’t like fire fighting.
  • Played in my first league bball game. My team managed to lose a 10 point lead with a minute left. It threw me back to when Reggie Miller went nuts on the Knicks in the 90’s. That sh*t hurt my feelings. Oh, and one of the dudes from America’s Top Dance Crew is on my team. He’s part of Status Quo. Not sure how I feel about that.
  • My body hurts. My body is weary.
  • This weekend will be maximum relaxation with minimal (I’ll be drunk) alcohol consumption.

Mr. FAQs

  • DC ended up being less hectic than I had imagined, which made the trip and occasion even better. Had a great time and was part of history.
  • I REALLY miss DC. But not in the way that makes me want to move back, just the way that makes me wish I could afford to visit more often.
  • Now I’m in Atlanta…let’s get it crackin.
  • Life may be taking me back to Houston and I’m no longer completely opposed to that.
  • Sometimes I wish I lived in a bubble, insulated from bullshit.
  • I haven’t slept since last Friday and I’m woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick…no bueno.
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  • The blog world never ceases to amaze me.  Its like high school for grown folks.
  • I’m still tired as a result of inauguration.  I got 3 hours of sleep that night, didn’t get a full night of sleep after that, and just been running ever since.
  • I did a test to determine the type of negotiator that I was .. and found out that apparently I’m a “competitive” negotiator.  Also, I’m focused on my personal end results, as opposed to harboring relationships and other stuff.  It was kind of eye opening … but not really.  I did think I would have gotten higher scores in compromise and collaborate … but they weren’t horrible.
  • I’m pretty sure I will have work to do over this weekend.  I hate thinking about this … passionately.  *sigh* … I haven’t worked a weekend in months … but … hey … its a recession … can’t have the boss thinking I’m slipping.
  • I went to Circuit City looking for a good deal.  Their offering 10% off everything … 10%?  Apparently their not “hungry” enough … I’m gonna give em another month or two … and they go pick me up some $50 speakers and $40 stereo for my car … but until then … I’m good.
  • As of late … I’ve felt like a man without purpose.  This isn’t how I live my life.  I’ve got so much I want to do … seems like I can’t focus on any one thing.  Gonna hammer that one out this week and get back to being awesome …
  • I haven’t been active on twitter in awhile (besides my inauguration coverage).  Blame it on the J.O.B.
  • I’m watching 300 right now … and the story of raising Spartan kids made me run to the internet to confirm the tale.  Supposedly they really did throw away kids that were physically deformed, and the training program for the army started at 7.  Why can’t we do something like that now … but with intelligence?  We all know there are some black people that need to be taken out the gene pool … and we could all benefit from a strict, rigorous, and mandatory education system that was the equivalent of running through the woods in winter in a loin cloth.  Feel me?
  • My President is Black … life really is good.
  • Even if my president wasn’t black … life is still really good.