Sometimes I feel like I don’t share enough about me …  and considering the amount of time I spend with you all … its only fair that you get to know me better.  So … let me go ahead and put myself out there … just a little bit.

I think everyone has a mental list of “things” that just … “do it” for them.  You might have a girl that really likes guys with a lisp.  There might be a guy loving girls with a gap in their front teeth.  Maybe its something about eastern european accents that gets her wet.

These are the unique little “quirks” that sometimes confuse your friends … but make perfect sense to you and the five other people that love webbed toes.  Everyone has them … and getting to know your own so you can find (or avoid) them is key.

Well … today … I want to share some of SBM’s … quirks.  The little off brand things that just “do it” for me.

I really have a thing for girls in glasses. I’m not sure what it is, when it started, or the exact cause of it … but something about women in the right pair of glasses (not sunglasses) is just a real turn on.  I was called out on this when I went to a strip club with some friends … and yes … I sought out the stripper with glasses on to get my lapdance.

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I have a true fetish for intelligence … especially anything technological. A girl once accurately used the term “open source” while talking to me … and I think I actually heard my heart skip a beat.  Even outside of that, one girl I dated had a serious vocabulary … I mean the dictionary was late night reading material good.  Something about her saying “hyperbole” just did it for me.  I’m still waiting to meet that PhD physicist that will sit and tell me all about quantum physics … oooohhhh.

I don’t know if there is anything sexier than a woman in a well dressed business suit. Not sure if this is going to lead me to some sick fantasy down the line, but business attire on women is so sexy.  Generally, I’m a closet conservative about a few things … and women’s clothes in one.  Generally, less is more … and nice large breasts behind a turtle neck sweater do more for me than having the “boys out”. I can’t wait until I have the stripper at my bachelor party … cause you know she’ll have a suit and glasses.

I don’t think I could date someone who didn’t have a mean email game. Email is probably one of the best tools for me to keep in touch with people.  I have been getting email on my phone for a few years now, and spend a lot of time there during the day.  Your email game needs to be on point (dc word for “great”) for me to really start falling for you.  Maybe since I spend a lot of time writing … a woman’s ability to draw me in and capture my attention with written words is important.

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I truly and utterly love a good set of dreadlocks. I have never dated a woman with them … but I fantasize (sometimes publically … lol) about long dreadlocks on a woman.  Short ones will get a rise … but I’ll lose it for some long ones.  I’m a fan of short hair, a couple forms of natural hair, and curls (to an extent) … but don’t let me get a chance at some down the back dreads … it’ll be a wrap!

Good nails can take me “over the edge” … bad ones … dealbreaker. There is one combination that simple … “does it” for me.  Long, real, french manicured nails.  Why … I don’t know … but its one thing I would actually pay for my gf to get … just for me. There are a whole slew of lesser styles … but that tops it.  I truly loathe nails where the girl put on polis, and then didn’t clean it, so its coming of … to the point there is eventually just a dot there. Reminds me of my kindergarden girlfriend … and I literally can’t do it!

So now that I have opened up some of the more random things that attract me (don’t you feel all connected now … I do!) … what are yours? And don’t go saying things like “good teeth” or “long legs” or “phat a$$” … those are given.  I want the off brand, the unusual, and the sh!t that you have to spend 30 minutes convincing your friends about. Come on … we family now … share.