The Bourgeois say … “Bourgeois”.

The regulars, ghetto folk, and hood n****s say … “Boughie”.

Some people like to enjoy a good Merlot, eat some fine cheese, and enjoy some fine caviar (I enjoy black caviar on water crackers personally) whilst discussing the works of Mozart amongst colleagues.   They consider themselves “high class”, say things like “I refuse to eat at a chain restaurant” and have an appreciation for the “finer” things.

Then you got some people who are content drinking a fine 40 oz of malt liquor (St. Ides is my personal favorite), grabbing them some wings and mumbo sauce from the local carryout (a local dc hood favorite) and a night on the town means red lobster … and “doing it” twice … no one hitter quitter tonight!

If you couldn’t tell … the first group is Bourgeois … the second is … well … hood.

Lastly … you have a third grouping … the “Universal”.  This is the person (like me) that can go both ways (no homo).  A well versed individual who enjoys a nice restaurant, knows the difference between a good merlot and a lowly moscato … but is just as happy downing 40 oz. of St. Ides and doing it three times and devouring some carryout. A lot of people want to think their in this group … but … their not.  Too often their bourgeois and don’t want to admit it because its “bad” … or their hood and just don’t want to admit that they don’t know that sparkling wine and champagne are the same thing.

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But what happens when you pair these different groups up and dating comes into play? Hmmmm

Hood & Hood

Match made in heaven.  No one has any goals for themselves … or only moderate ones (he wants to be a rapper … she wants to move up to manager of Wendy’s).  When he pours some malt liquor in a champagne glass … she’s in love.

Bourgeois & Bourgeois

These two will feed off each other.  She came from money, his dad owns the west side of town … and they regular enjoy rides through the southside … looking at the “commoners” … throwing pennies at people waiting for the bus. She just finds him so hilarious … as he brings home gold plated earrings … she smells the silver … and then he pulls out the rose gold set from behind his back.  Then they laugh so hard … as she throws them in the trash for the “poor people”.

Universal & Universal

The best match.  Their comfortable everywhere.  Not every meal has to expertly prepared.  Not every bottle of wine was imported and cost $100.  They can go out to a play … and pick up bootleg chines on the way back home.  They are willing to experience everything, and just roll with the punches.

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Now … the “mashups”.

Hood & Bourgeois

You would be surprised how often this happens.  Just look at NeNe from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her husband.  She was the definition of hood rat (chick couldn’t do fractions to help her son do homework … and is loud as sh*t talks a lot) … while her husband was a well to do upper class old a$$ man.  They seemed happy … as too many well to do guys love rescuing hood rats (SBM himself pinned for his own at one point).  And “good” black women love them a hood n****.  Destiny’s Child wrote a whole damn song about it (man I hate them b*****s thought that song was a shot at all professional black men).  Funny thing … 50% of the time it works.  These guys get them a freak who asks for little and is easily impressed … and these women get someone who is always available (cause he’s not working 80 hours behind a desk) and is “hard”.  The other 50% … sh*t gets ugly … quick!

Universal & Well … anyone that aint a universal

Doomed to failure.  The key to the universal is that … well … they are universal.  They drink St. Ides with their caviar … and this is going to irk their partner.  Either she/he will be trying to “upgrade them” … or just keep complaining about they “boughie ass”.

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Anyone tried dating outside their group?  Did it work?  Did it fail?  Did anyone get cut?  Any other universal’s tired of meeting one dimensional chics/guys?  Anyone want to split this St. Ides with me as we nibble on some goat cheese & hummus?