Mr. FAQs

  • The week went by fast, which has its positives and negatives. For the most part, it was straight.
  • I feel like I’m turning into “The Boy who cried Broke” because clearly people aint getting it. My family and friends are having a hard time understanding that my income level and abilities have changed significantly. Besides being asked every other day when I’m going to be back east or coming to meet in some exotic local to party, my best friend hits me up telling me to come to Houston for their two-year olds b-day party…with a weeks notice. Really tho? I’m sorry erebody is flying in from DC, Chicago and New Orleans (for a two year olds party) but Mr. FAQs can’t make it.
  • Despite the fact they don’t understand the serious of my brokeness, they do understand and put up with Mr. FAQs. I miss having my close-knit groups around but its good to know distance doesn’t break bonds.
  • Last weekend my big bro was in LA on a quick business trip. Even though I had just seen him for xmas, its always coo to chill with him. He makes me want to do more with my life. Plus he was the first fam from home to come check me out and see how I’m living so that was coo too.
  • I’m going on my first picnic, actually looking forward to it. Its a young ladies birthday I’m talking to and she asked “Are we doing anything?” I suggested the picnic. Never been on one, always look cool in the movies and its nice outside again. Just need to figure out to make it extra fresh. Fireworks display? HA!
  • Looks like I’m gonna have friends in the city for every weekend in March. This week, 1st grade girlfriend who got written into Chapter Three (see yesterdays post). I haven’t seen here in about 4 or 5 years so looking forward to it. Funny how her boyfriend who hated me in high school is now her husband and father of child. I promise you everybody is starting families, or getting parents for their kids.
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Slim Jackson

  • This was another decent week. My basketball team is headed to the next round of the playoffs. Sadly, this is probably one of the top highlights of my life right now. I don’t consider having a job a highlight, though I am definitely thankful for it.
  • My blog over at Three Ways to Take It had a record breaking week. Another highlight. It’s nice to see all our efforts startin’ to pay off.
  • Shoppin’ for clothes has gotten increasingly difficult as of late. I guess now I can blame it on the change of the seasons. I’ll just rock with the gear I have until…ehhh, whenever.
  • I need to get my Chef Jackson game up. I’ve mastered like 4 dishes. I need to increase that number to like 10.
  • Having sensitive teeth sucks during the winter and after drinking carbonated beverages. Not even the special toothpaste has saved me lately. Arggg.
  • It’s Friday and I can’t wait til 5pm roles around. I don’t need a drink. I just need my couch.


  • I’ve been in training all week, still had work to do, and it looks like I will be putting in serious hours this weekend.  Yay me and yay work (sarcasm).
  • I feel like all my personal endeavors have been put on hold (besides this blog) as a result of my 9 to 5.  It’s gotten to the point where I’m mapping my monthly expenses to see if I can get by with working at Target full time and allowing me free time in the off time.  Or maybe I’ll start doing some independent consulting … man … that would be nice.  Any hookups appreciated.
  • Houston was pretty fun.  It wasn’t quite what I expected, but I do want to go back.  The next trip is supposed to be to Chicago.  Gotta start planning that one.
  • In hindsight … there was only one significant event this whole weekend.  It really was just come back from Houston, training, work, blog … and then rinse and repeat.
  • Oh … one last thing … I got a girlfriend now … but don’t worry … I will still bring that hot fire. She loves the blog.
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