Slim Jackson

  • This was a pretty damn good week. Had a really good birthday, work wasn’t too stressful, and I’m not itching for the weekend like last week.
  • My basketball team took home the title. I ended up having to play most of the game even though I strained a muscle. Made some shots in the clutch that helped us win. I’m gonna miss the bball league. This was a great outlet for me. It was one hour a week where I forgot about everything else that was stressing me out. I’m gonna miss the team as well. We grew a lot over the 8 games we played together. **this is said in a manly and non-emotional voice**
  • I learned that I’m really competitive when it comes to sports. Maybe I need to incorporate more of this into my daily life.
  • For real though, this strained muscle really hurts. I will be icing and heating this weekend. Everybody have a good one. I’m feeling pretty upbeat!

Mr. FAQs

  • I’m one proud Uncle FAQs. My nephew started walking last week! Not even 9 months! Looks like the next generation of family genius.
  • I realized this week that I only do laundry once a month, which has its pros and its cons. Pro, I only do laundry once a month. Con, I have a months worth of laundry.
  • I had a extremely busy week. I guess it’s a “good thing” in the sense that I always had something to do/be doing. But it left me exhausted and tired and wanting the weekend. Not to sleep, but to catch up on everything I  didn’t get around to. Then maybe a nap. But of course somebody is going to pop up this weekend and none of that will happen.
  • I was at a cocktail event this week and got scoffed at by a waitress for asking for a club soda and lime. I didn’t to much appreciate her reaction. Just because its open bar doesn’t mean you gotta drink. Listen to Mr. FAQs growing up and what not!
  • I had an allergic reaction to some “eco-friendly” chap stick. Literally within seconds my lips where tingling, then burning, then starting to swell…it wasn’t the business.
  • Saw a rats nest in some really nice ornamental bamboo outside this restaurant the other day. It was daylight and they were running all up the wall and jumping between the bamboo, it was pretty disgusting. Which leads me to ask how could anyone possible like Ratatouillee??? It took me a couple of times to watch it all the way through and when I did, I wanted to vomit. And I aint no b***h n***a! Rats is just nasty. Give me a Texas-size cockroaches any day!
  • Saw somebody with a Walkman the other day…didn’t know they still made those. Do they have like 5 minute ESP now? Also saw where someone had dropped a small collection of VHS porn on the street. Maybe I should start walking around with blinders on.
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  • Me and my girlfriend are doing good.  It’s rather ridiculous how happy I am as a result.
  • Work is just … ugh.  I need to polish the resume and make my escape.  It’s not the worst, but it’s just not what I want to do with my life.
  • I have confirmed that my knowledge of Martin is far superior to the average black person’s.  I would like for someone to come see me!
  • I’m going to a baby shower this weekend and someone has named me the God Father of their kid.  Crazy that someone trusts me with the safety of their child in case something goes wrong … right?
  • I’m tired and its been a long week.  I’m going to sleep.  Ya’ll enjoy the weekend.