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Josephine: “I just love T.I.”
SBM: *rolls eyes* “If one more girl says this …”
J: “Stop hating.”
SBM: “I’m not hating, but I just can’t figure out exactly what it is about T.I. that gives him across the board appeal.  Girls will disagree on models like Tyson or Movie stars like Idris … but damn if every single girl alive wants to f*ck T.I.”
J: “It’s hard to explain … he just has this …”
SBM: *re-rolls eyes as he knows what she is about to say*
J: “Swagger about him”

While my fellow writer Slim Jackson, and his crew, officially killed the word swagger on their blog (keep your head up Mr. Swagger … the word ain’t dying that easy) … if there is one person who seems to universally embody the word swagger (according to black women) … it is Mr. T.I.P. himself.

Personally … I think its the sideways cocked hat that never moves.

I know your used to coming here and finding well written and in depth looks at relationships, sex, and dating … but not today.  I’m just a man looking for answers … and where else can I turn?  Bear with me …

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T.I. is a great rapper in my opinion.  He is actually one of my favorites, and has made some songs that literally got hours of burn in my car and ipod … just from one song (Rubberband Man still elicits deep down feelings).  I’m not real happy with his acting ability (he has one emotion … T.I.), but he’s not bad.  Overall he seems like a “good” celebrity.  Sure he has a little issue with guns, but who doesn’t.  He’s on TV mentoring kids now, the guy can’t be all bad.  It has been proven time and time again that I cannot tell what makes a man attractive (I’m fine with lacking this ability), but I can’t see anything about him that would give him this universal appeal (I mean … all hating aside … n***a is short and scrawny).

Alas … from Strippers doing something stranger for a little bit of change out there trying to pay tuition … to the elitist of black women with degrees upon degrees, an independent streak, and a sense of arrogance … they all love T.I.  There is not one single celebrity that I have had more women tell me that they love than this man … none.  And when asked why their willing to break their 6 foot minimum rule, or their 200 lbs of muscle rule, or their light skinned guy rule, I always get the same answer … his swagger.

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So, T.I., if you ever grace my site … hats off to you.  You have managed (in my personal research) to outshine and leave a greater impression than LL Cool J, Taye Diggs, Keith Sweet, and Bobby Brown (well he did that to himself … with the crack and all).  And you managed to do all this while still putting out hot music (not some R&B sh*t … looking at your a$$ LL!) that I can crank in the car without being soft. T.I. … your my hero.

Damn … does this make me a T.I. groupie too?

Anyways, can one of the women please explain it to me? Is there any other guy out there turning down concert tickets in order to remove temptation from your woman? Does T.I. have competition that I just don’t know about?