There are many events in life that deserve congratulations and praise from your peers.  They are moments where you have achieved a great thing, overcome some sort of obstacle, or reached a new place in your life or career.

Just got a promotion … congratulations!

Just won the super bowl … congratulations!

Just beat that charge with only probation … congratulations!

You just booked Garbielle Union while walking out her trailed … congratulations!

Yes, there are a plethora of things in this world that deserve the utmost respect from your peers.  But, this simple statement is sometimes just used too often and where its just not warranted.

Finally paying child support … uh … n****a you were supposed to be doing that.

Kept a job for a year without getting fired … uh … that’s nothing special for any normal person.

Roasted Rick Ross on a mixtape … uh … sorry 50 … no props for that.

But … there is one even that seems to garner the high fives, congratulations, and “good jobs” of females all over when its just not deserved.  It seems to make them happy for you, give you a hug, and possibly jump for joy when its not really a momentus event at all.  You know what I’m talking about right …

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Getting a boyfriend/girlfriend

When I got with my girlfriend, I told my friends.  They had known about her, and had been waiting on an outcome for some time.  When they finally saw the white smoke come out of the chapel and heard the news … there was one of two reactions … and oddly enought they varied according to sex.

SBM: “Yeah man … so I wifed her up”
Jamal: “Yeah, well she sounds nice.  Guess we aint going out no more.”
SBM: “Man … don’t say that. I can be happy with her and still see my friends.”
Jamal: “Whatever n***a. Be good though … talk to you next year.”

And then we go to one of SBM’s few and well chosen female friends and associated

SBM: “So … I got a girlfriend now.”
Shayla: *jumping up and down* “Oh my God. I can’t believe it! Congratulations!!!!! I’m so happy for you”
SBM: “Uh … thanks. Its not that serious … had to lock her down cause she is just … well … great.”
Shayla: *pouting* “Awwww. That’s so sweet.  You are so in love … its so cute.”
SBM: “Please stop … your making me ill.”
Shayla: “That’s just the love in your stomach.”

Why oh why is this such a momentus occasion?  Isn’t getting in a relationship just a part of life?  Isn’t it part of the natural human evolution that we all go through over time?  Is it really something to utter the c-word for?

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Since I’m gonna go out there on the limb and say this is a strictly female phenomenom (I don’t hear guys our here popping bottles for new girlfriends) … I’m gonna go ahead and blame it on the fact that too many women feel validated by a relationship … but that’s another post for another day.

Can someone help me to understand this?  Or is it really that all my friends just know me well enough that the idea of me (a guy who everyday answers to the name of Single Black Male) finally entering a relationship is something to truly shout home about?