At night my mind conjures up images, thoughts, and what seems to be real life threesomes action movies.  I would like to think I have some control over my actions in these dreams, that I can exhibit some free will in this realistic movie that is not really happening … but do I?

Dreams have been called windows into the subconscious.  A way of our brains telling us what we really want and are really thinking about. Some say they are predictors of the future, windows into our soul, and all that other stuff.

So where are you going with all this?

Hold on … I got you.

So what happens when a married man dreams of his secretary at work coming into his office in a Catholic school girl uniform? What happens to the woman who moans “Oh … T.I.” while her boyfriend readjusts himself next to her? What about the woman who wakes up violently, looking at her man as the scene of the most explicit 3 girl orgy plays through her head?

I mean … this is a tough one.  If these dreams are a sign as to what the person really wants, then shouldn’t you be mad that your mate is fantasizing about someone else?  Does it mean that Jamal is really gay because he woke up in a cold sweat after giving Lil Wayne the bidness having a random gay encounter (*shudder*)?  Can we be held responsible for the thoughts that happen during the night?

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I know I usually have and answer to my own questions … I know many of you come here for enlightenment  … and all that sh*t … but I … I don’t know (OK, I do … its a dream … let that sh*t go).

On one hand, the fantasies of someone who is actually immediately available (like your crazy baby’s mama who still thinks your gonna get back together after 3 restraining orders) might actually indicate a threat.  Why are they thinking about some pussy/dick that they had once … and can prolly get again?  How come they aint dreaming about you?

On the other hand … sit your insecure ass down.  He/She did not program the dream into their head, and they are laying next to you … right? They prolly just had some bad taco bell … the next dream will involve you and a midget ballerina’s dress, some guacamole, and Gary Coleman.

What do you think?  Ever had a dream of your SO cheating and then turned around and hit them? Ever dreamed you lost them then turned around and pulled em closer? Ever had the best sex of your life, to wake up and see it was a dream with your girl’s older sister?