I am Dr. J, no I’m not a real doctor, but I play one on TV. I am admittedly conservative when it comes to relationships and roles, however, I’m also a bit over-the-top when it comes to expressing my feelings. For those of you who have followed me on facebook and on my personal blog, (thebookofjackson.blogspot.com), you know that I have no shame in my game. I live under the bus, and know how to get my foot out of my mouth. Please enjoy this reading material.

A lot of emphasis is put on how many is too many. Many of you have had off line conversations with me to know that I just don’t think numbers are that relevant. I’m going to explain to you in a short how a girl can have sex with 27 guys before the age of 22 and not be a ho.

Let’s say, Toya has had two partners before entering college. Her first when she was 16 and her boyfriend senior year of high school.

Casualties Reported: 2

Freshman Year – She sleeps with two guys first semester. During her winter break, she sleeps with a guy from HS that she wanted to sleep with in HS, but always had a boyfriend. Relationships and situations don’t always work out so she starts to believe the guys were grimy and move on. During the spring semester she sleeps with two more guys.

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Casualties Reported: 7

Summer Break – She meets a new guy that she ends up boo’ing up for the summer.

Casualties Reported: 8

Sophomore Year – She sleeps with two guys each semester, and one guy no-strings-attached on spring break.

Casualties Reported: 13

Junior Year – Same. Well, this year she dips out on her situation in the spring and sleeps with a random guy she’s always had her eye on.

Casualties Reported: 19

Summer Break in Europe – Sleeps with a guy during her trip to Paris.

Casualties reported: 20

Senior Year – Same. You get two free throws with graduation; a freshman boy and one last person you always wanted to sleep with but never did.

Casualties Reported: 27

There you have it. 27 guys and this girl hasn’t reach 22 yet. And she’s not a ho, she’s not doing anything that anyone would consider risky behavior, she’s just not living the life of a wife. A lot of dudes would be hard stressed to call this woman a ho because honestly, honestly honestly these are slow years for a dude in college.

What I really want to bring attention to is the reasons. The reasons are more important than the outcome. Notice I didn’t say she got drunk and slept with some random dude at a house party. Notice she didn’t have any random threesomes or crazy sex stories. I wouldn’t recommend any women go out here and sleep with 27 guys and then say I’m not a ho because sleeping with 27 guys because of this blog is no bueno.

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I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Ladies, is this girl a ho? Having had it explained in a detailed format, doesn’t it seem plausible? I mean, we ALL know this girl. Gentlemen, is this girl a ho? If this was a guy and not a ho, would he be praised as a Spartan? Comments are welcome.

Always keeping it 1000,

Dr. J