Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Women have warm pies for guys to insert their…

Aside from the anatomical features, there are a variety of differences between men and women that make life simultaneously exciting and incredibly difficult. Most men are claim to be very simple creatures. All Most women claim to be very difficult beings. Women often say the exact opposite of what they mean. Men often say absolutely nothing at all or their actions don’t necessarily match their words. Regardless, both parties in a relationship or “situation” can end up pretty frustrated with each other if the communication game is feeble. And when I say communication game, I don’t mean the difference between “Baby, I wanna make love to you right now cuz you got my body jumpin” and “I’m tryna f*ck and go to sleep. Can a squirrel get his nut?” Though both lead to a happy result for at least one party, I’m sure the romantic dreamy chick doesn’t want to hear the latter.

Sometimes the differences in communication are about more than the chromosome make up. Yeah, introverts communicate differently than extroverts. I know that there are all sorts of love and sexy time languages. But more importantly, we can often see the biggest differences in communication when sh*t hits the fan in the relationship or one person in the pair is having issues and it’s obvious or maybe not so obvious. Personally, when I have issues or things ain’t right, I get pretty quiet. I don’t huff, puff, and punch walls. I can appear to be pretty cryptic and it can be frustrating to those that  wanna solve problems and talk it out at the first hint of trouble.

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On the other hand, I can be in a perfectly good mood and be equally as quiet. Many women have tried to figure me out based on my demeanor or frequency of communication, and many have failed. Some have become incredibly frustrated. Some were incredibly immature. Some were incredibly frustrated and immature. Those were the chicks that purposely pissed me off and made me blow a gasket just to find out how I really felt at a particular time. These were the ones who almost turned me into the 9 foot beast.

Though I don’t know of more than maybe 1, there are women who handle stress and sh*t-hit-fannage in the same manner that I do. They may have issues or have a rough day and really just wanna reflect and cool out. Then there are the others that become increasingly quiet and distant because they really wanna talk (Yeah, that opposite of what they really mean phenomenon). If the dude doesn’t recognize that and he just let’s her be, he’s opening the door to trouble and intensified frustration. A lot of times my brethren won’t even know there was a communication break down. They’ll just assume that shorty is acting off because Aunt Flo is in town or “She’s just being a girl” (Words that provoke death).

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It’s a lot easier to communicate when things are peachy and both parties are happy. The true challenge is maintaining this level of communication when things aren’t going well for one or both parties in the relationship. So for today, how do you communicate or not communicate when things aren’t going well or you have a lot on your mind? If you see something wrong or slightly different with a significant other, how do you attempt to communicate to figure out exactly what’s wrong? What absolutely doesn’t work? You don’t have to answer all those…unless you want to.

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