I had a conversation with my homegirl about Sotomayor’s appointment to the Supreme Court men and women issues. She read my article on relationship dealbreakers and said that I forgot one important dealbreaker: Height. To give you some background, she’s about 5’11-6ft barefoot, same height as me, (and DON’T try to dispute this Sea Sea!), and she emphatically stated that she refuses to date a man shorter than herself. I wasn’t aware that height was that big of an issue, but she quickly pointed out a few reasons why dudes would be denied from getting on the ride if they didn’t reach her height line:

Can’t have a man shorter than my mom Her mom is about 5’6″ – 5’8″ and she can’t have a man shorter than mom dukes. I laughed at this one. I didn’t see the real logic in it, but I guess because she doesn’t feel her mom should tower over the man she’s dating? I’m like damn what if they were a WNBA family, I’d look like a boy amongst Amazons!

I want to wear heels!” My homie is obsessed is worse than Carrie Bradshaw would cook dinner naked for a man who copped her Louboutins loves high heels! Heels are a must when she’s hittin the runway or the hottest party in the city (LOL @ me sounding like one of those fashion show emcees). She’s taller than me with heels (but not by much), so I can see how a short brother would look like her son next to her. She doesn’t want to compromise her fashion for a dude’s ego, and I can respect that.

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Security – This goes hand in hand with the mom point. She wants to feel secure with her man, that she can protect her and take care of her. Height plays a role in this for her. A man taller than her has more presence and stature and comes across as that dude who can break her back in 7 places hold her down if she needs assistance.

Masculinity In her own words “Being tall gives you that athletic persona, and makes you more of a man”. **shots fired**

I know that dudes have similar height biases as well. Men may prefer a shorter or taller women depending on their personal preference. My older cousin loves.women.taller.than.HIM! It’s damn near comical that he’ll stay with a woman at least 3 inches taller than him or better. Some dudes love the endless sexy legs on a taller woman, all the advanced moves you can do in the bedroom with that extra height, and just the model chick aesthetic in general. Other men feel insecure about having a woman taller than them, want to tower over their lady, and not feel like she can beat them down like a little boy next to them. They also don’t feel like standing on stepping stools anytime pictures/video is taken! I’ve never heard a real negative to dating a woman shorter than a man.

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I have no real preference when dating in regards to height. I don’t know if I could date a woman extremely taller than me, just because my neck would hurt from looking up all the time. Seriously, I’ve dated taller, my height, and shorter, and I see no big deal. I know women who inquired about me ‘breathe a sigh of relief’ anytime they hear my height, so I know its a prevalent issue. I spoke to my twitter family and here’s what some had to say:

LADIES, Would you date a man shorter than you?

ActnJackson@streetztalk probably not. Don’t wana feel lk I could punk him. Besides tall is sexy. Did someone call u short?!?
@streetztalk yes because it seems like short men are the only ones attracted to tall women like myself
butterflyylost@streetztalk Not ever shorter than me, though ppl should get a fair chance, I just might be vain. U wont catch my eye if ur shorter than me.
d_sassy1ne@streetztalk ehhh, no. Not NEmore *sorry short boys* My pref has always been taller & bigger. U better b all around fly if u my height lol

Fellas, would you date a women taller than you?

macariojamesIcon_lock@streetztalk i don’t want 2 date a shorty taller than 6 ft lol i like being in control lol so a shorty taller than me smh 5’1 area is yummy
RT @streetztalk Fellas: Would you date a woman taller than you? Why or why not? <– not unless her name is candace parker.
@streetztalk Yes. I am ready for an Amazon… Almost promised I will have a LeBron or Dwight Howard on my hands…. That my retirement plan
@streetztalk all my g/fs were taller than me…u can’t help who you are attracted to
RT @streetztalk Fellas: Would you date a woman taller than you? Why or why not? -hell yeah as long as the height to weight ratio isn’t crazy
@streetztalk damn that would make her at least 6’1″, got damn.. I’d need a step ladder to pleasure the titties even

I know a few height-challenged brothers who I will directly send this blog to hear them voice their opinions of this height discrimination. Are these points valid? Are they superficial? I know my amazons have to speak on this too. Is height really just a number, or is this “deeper than stats”?

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Sincerely Yours,
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