Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to take a stand. In the last two weeks, various female friends (yes friends) have levied accusations upon me that I must address. They persecuted me, insulted me, and done called me out my name. They called me that garden tool that no one in a metropolitan city has probably ever seen up close. They referred to me as that famous Kris Kringle greeting that young kids *spoiler* who still believe he exists love to hear.  Yes, my friends, they called me a *gasp* Ho! Can you believe that? What, you can? SBM community y’all aint sh*t! All kidding (no Jason) aside, they said that I “looked” like a man whore. When I asked why they felt that way, I got some interesting responses:

You have no kids: This one had me shouting my personal remix of U.N.I.T.Y. So the fact that I’m kid-less means that I’m having a lot of sex? I don’t get it. This seemed like a reach or maybe part of a bigger picture. I guess they find dudes who have 7 baby mommas and 12 kids to be more chaste than me, no shots.

You look good in a suit: Yes, she said I look good in a suit. So corporate looking men give off a whorish vibe. So now, I need to have a small family and dress like a bum in order to give off a sanctified vibe? I guess ugly or less desirable looking men have the propensity to refrain from whorish behaviour? This is a clear case of Handsome Discrimination, and I refuse to stand it! I apologize, but you need more people, preferably those who have a suit hookup for me!

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You’re in a Fraternity: Before I *ahem* joined my organization, I heard all the stereotypes associated with men in fraternities. People say that dudes in frats have a crazy amount of groupies and have sex with everything with a working vagina. I counter that some dudes live up to that stereotype, but not all. To talk about the whole before and after of men in frat life is its own blog, so I’ll stray away. I’m not naive to say that dudes in frats don’t get love, but its not as “crazy” as you would think, especially if dude is a lame, yet I digress. Do I have groupies? Nah, not at all. They must consider me guilty by association I guess.

You’re Light Skinned: I know I joke a lot about complexion, but they were dead serious. They told me that light skinned people always look like they’re up to no good, and they give them the side eye accordingly. I never heard this about light skinned people. I look like a ho because my skin is lighter than yours? I have ulterior motives because I get a skin fade? Is this what “acting light skinned” really means? It was hilarious, but I think they were super serious! They want to check me into the Ho-tel for real!

You write about sex: The rationale stated that since I write about different facets of sex and relationships, then I must have a lot of experience in the field. So a psychologist must have a lot of mentally ill individuals in their family or be crazy themselves? Should a police officer have experience beating people without just cause writing demerits to meet quotas firing a weapon and making citizens arrests? I don’t think my subject matter makes me a ho. I gain my knowledge from the strangest places, and from some experiences, but that doesn’t mean I’m smashing the homies every woman I see!

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My home girls made these points and wanted me to legitimately consider these points when people make a visual assumption. I can understand some, but dispute it overall. As always, your thoughts are appreciated! Let’s have real talk and see if we can get to the bottom of this situation.

Streetz: The “Promiscuity is in the eye of the be-HO-lderLiving Legend