Dr. J by the way of SBM continues on his series on things that women will just have to Get Over.  Last week we touched on who’s at fault for women being single. I actually retrieved the following quote as an update from the Wedding Date: “Every woman has the exact love life she wants“.   I thought that was pretty interesting.  Anyway, today’s entry takes a look at how we all hate to be judged, but in reality, you’ll just have to get over it.
1) All Women are a Trophy in Some Sense of the Concept
Women do not like to be compared to possessions but they will inevitably be thought as such, therefore, get over it.  It’s usually not on purpose and not so materialistic as women think.  It’s because his woman is a reflection of him.  A perfect parallel is a resume.  If you have worked at Microsoft and Google, you wouldn’t want to work at McDonald’s next.  What will Apple think about that once you apply for a position there?  And this is why men try to find something and pursue something they don’t mind taking out to stunt.  Most women want a guy who isn’t afraid to take them out in public, maybe like the movies, dinner, or a picnic in the park.  Well, the thing is, if he doesn’t want to be seen with you, you won’t be making an appearance at anything outside the house, unless it’s dark, no one he knows will be there, and it’s the 30th of February.
2) Their Family & Friends Network
Women must get over the fact that his friends and family will have a significant effect on who he chooses to date.  His mother/father have instilled in him a certain threshold for women he dates.  Some mothers will tell their sons; “Don’t bring home any white girl,” “Don’t date a Haitian,” or “She should come from a good family.”  (I got love for my Haitians, but please stop acting like people’s parents don’t tell them that.)  And although a man doesn’t commit these statements to memory and repeat them every night before leaving his house, they become ingrained in his head after hearing them so many times.  His friends are the people who he goes to for the majority of the affirmation he gets.  If his friends think you’re a ho, he doesn’t want to have to deal with defending you all the time.  Or that his friends think he’s trying to turn a housewife into a ho.
3) Their Desired Image or Prototype
Personally speaking most men have an image in their head about what they want their wife to be.  For me, based on what I see, i’m usually torn between Eva Longoria and Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s wife).  Eva is beautiful, she knows it, she takes interest in being as beautiful as she can be, she loves that she is a sex symbol, and she really loves being a wife.  It’s so obvious that she’s into Tony Parker, she’s at his games, she’s always next to him at any chance she can get.  Now Eva has her own career and has her own life.  She without Tony Parker still is a person and business.  And that’s hot, but it presents some problems because she’s got her own schedule and Tony’s got his.  Now Vanessa Bryant, is more naturally beautiful because she doesn’t have a team of stylist around her to make her look so good she has to do it on the solo.  She’s young, takes care of the kids, but she’s a full-time wife and mother.  There is no scheduling issues, she’s always there.  Almost like your favorite toy, always waiting for you to come home. I’m still torn between Eva and Vanessa.  But the point here is this, when an man has this image of what he wants his girl/wife like, you better be sure you fall in line somewhere, because if you don’t he might be just wasting time with you, while he keeps searching for that desired image.
In conclusion, women say they hate to be judged, but at the end of the day, all women are judged because there’s a full 40-point inspection he’s going through on his own side.  So if he finds out that you had a threesome back in college and all his friends know about it, he can’t respect you as a potential girlfriend.  Maybe you come from a broken family and you don’t have a good relationship with your mom or dad, if his moms is not going for that, then he’s going to judge you as not the best option.  And if you are not the type of girl who is going to be a #1 Stunna when he walks in the room, just give up, you’re already too far behind.
This is brought to you by the Get Over It Series, don’t try to flip this back on men, it’s about women, not men.  “It’s a thousand you’s it’s only one of me.” – Kanye West
SBM Readers, i’m turning the floor over to you.  Are any of you reconsidering that decision to get on the strip pole later tonight?