Today’s post is a co-effort between the light-skinned standout, Slim Jackson, and the original angry blogger, SBM. Some of you may be shouting “Double Standard!” at the end of this post, but for today…we don’t care.

Slim: You know what SBM? No matter how many posts I read or conversations I have with women, I just still can’t get used to something.

SBM: What do you mean my gold boot wearing comrade?

Slim: There’s sumthin’ that gets me about women dismissing questionable and usually s*xual behavior under the guise of “I’m doin’ me!” I know tooooo many women that have went through stretches where they racked up the s*xual numbers, whopped down a few average joe’s, played dudes, manipulated simps, and a variety of other ehhh…unacceptable (for lack of a better word) behavior. Some chicks really take this “think like a dude” mentality way too far (No Steve Harvey).

SBM: Yeah Slim … I hear this all the time.  “So what if I smashed 2 dudes yesterday … and slobbed down #2’s brother for bringing me some orange juice. ‘I’m just doin me'”. I know the world is filled with Double Standards, I know life ain’t always fair, I know Soulja Boy should be banned from the airwaves, but can someone tell me how “doin me” makes slutactical activity suddenly OK?

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Slim: It doesn’t make it OK at all…unless it’s a chick that I (in a past life) or one of my boys was lookin’ to thronx down or reach a climax with then keep it movin’ in the search for his real wife. In an era where people are becomin’ increasingly liberal and women are  increasingly independent and going against the grain of traditional standards, it would only seem right that sexual liberation and independence would continue to flourish. However, I cannot and will not accept this “I’m doin’ me” mentality as a legitimate excuse to bog down your resume with short term assignments and well-known and despised employers (i.e. Philip Morris or Phil Morris, the Black guy that no Black guy likes). Shenanigans I say! Shenanigans!

SBM: Now Slim, we don’t want those career slores to give up there jobs.  Its a recession and those girls “having fun” and giving up the pum pum freely after one patron shot are helping to curb nationwide depression. But … I’m a full fan of owning up to your sh*t.  Lets call a spade a spade.  Miss block-head, you’re not doing you … your doing him … and his man … and his cousin … and his niece and friend in a little 3some action.  I have had a few man-whorish situations myself, I’m not perfect.  I wasn’t “doin me” though … I was f*cking with reckless abandonment and loving it when I probably shouldn’t have.  I’ll respect a good girl who slipped and admits it, more than a scuttle butt who was just “playing the game”, or “dating like a man” (which is bullsh*t since I’m a man and am kind of good), or “doing me”. B* … your in denial!

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Slim: Denial is a b*tch in itself. I also think a lot of chicks really wanna feel that they’re in control of their lives so they go the extra mile to get the extra D. You can be under control and out of control simultaneously. I don’t think a lot of the women/girls that use this “I’m doin’ me” excuse know it. Or, maybe they do and they just don’t care. Maybe it’s a matter of overcompensation, and we know that overcompensation usually means insecurity. Uh oh…not that word again.

SBM: When Slim is on … that reggin (backwards) is on (pause)!  I think insecure is the best word for it.  Your not secure in yourself enough to admit that your actions are less than lady like.  You think “I’m doin me” is some type of save-a-ho phrase that allows you to stack Wilt Chamberlin type numbers (20K according to him) and still call yourself a lady.  Well … that SBM & Slim tag-team (pseudo pause) is here to tell you no.  Can we kill “I’m doin me” right along with swagger?

Slim: Really though SBM? Reggin with an -er? At least let me get the -a? Pause. But yeah, this phrase needs to be deaded in this context. The drug dealer doin’ a 20 year bid was following the “I’m doin’ me” mentality and we see where that got him. Don’t be him ladies, especially in the sheets, on the hood of a car, in the back seat or in a loft somewhere. You ain’t doin’ you. You’re doin’ him…and him…and him. Perspective is everything.

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So for today, we’re ready to face dissent and outrage. We’re also ready for a few So what does everybody else think of this “I’m doin’ me” mentality? Is it BS, or is it the truth? Double Standard City? We shouldn’t judge, but for today…we will.

We don’t do us. We do you (women),

Slim Jackson & SBM