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Last time I was on the scene, I was talking about the Independent Woman’s odds in the dating game.  While there may be a few cons to dating these so called “independent women”, one of the pros is that the smart ones are usually financially stable, legitimately have their own this and that, maintain a comfortable standard of living, no outside assistance needed. Of course, I still have that old school mentality that the guy should pay, but every so often I don’t mind if she picks up the check, or at least gives me a good pump fake. (You know the pump fake…the check comes and she  slowly reaches for her purse until you say “Chill baby, I got this”)  God bless their souls, we love you, keep doing what you’re doing.

Just like good has evil, the independent woman has a unsavory exact opposite.  We’ve all met this chick.  She’s the one that comes to the club with just enough money to get by.  You take her out for dinner, and she orders the most expensive item on the menu, has several glasses of wine, orders food to take home to her mama, but doesn’t even look up from her food when the check comes.  She’s always trying to get the hook up.  Not necessarily because she doesn’t have some money of her own, but because her main goal in life is to find a sponsor.    There is certainly a market for these women, most recently evidenced by the slaying of Bro. Steve McNair.  Of course, men do more than their fair share to enable this type of behavior, i.e. the radio ad  I heard over the weekend encouraging women seeking financial sponsors to attend a particular club because there was gonna be a few high profile pro athletes in attendance, as the guests of DJ Such ‘n Such.  Y’all know y’all heard that spot.  Some of you were probably there…smh.

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I have no problem with a woman aspiring for a better standard of living, but don’t go chasing waterfalls. However Your pursuit of the American Dream should not lead you to the bottom of my pockets.  (It’s a little more towards the center of the pants.)  I’m not saying you should holla at a bunch of broke jokers, ’cause after all I’m sure most women rather spend the next half hour after their dinner riding in the car contemplating whether or not she should give up the cookie as opposed to washing dishes in the back to pay for the meal.   The issue is, if you support yourself to a certain standard of living, don’t come at me trying to up your standard of living.  If you couldn’t afford a Coach purse before I met you, don’t think I’m gonna cop you one.  I’m not saying that I won’t, but don’t expect it.  If a man offers/gives you nice things, I’m not saying not to take them.  I’m just saying don’t expect/demand a certain standard if that’s not what you are used to and you can’t sustain it on your own.   If you can’t properly spell and pronounce “Balenciaga”, don’t waste both our times hinting that you might want one.

Along with the women that are “doing them”, I’m tired of the ones that  claim “N*ggas ain’t sh*t” for whatever convoluted reasons, but still choose to only date a man that makes this, or drives that.  Once again, let me point out that if you push your own S-Class, 7 series, or A8, I have no problem with you wanting to find a man that complements what you already have.  But if you’re pushing a supercharged Kia, you bests respects the gangsta of my Altima.  Just respect a brother for being on his grind and be sure to do an aspiration check before you do a credit check.  As a great man once said, “‘Ain’t sh*t’ p*ssy will attract ‘ain’t sh*t’ n*ggas.”   So ladies, before the next time you head out man hunting, take a look in the mirror and figure out what you’re looking for…”financial stability” or emotional security.

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It’s about to be the weekend, and I know you fine folks will be hitting the streets looking for fun and love.  I know all the sisters out there aren’t like that, so how do you feel about the women that do this?  I know you probably have a friend in your cliq that’s like that, so go ahead and snitch on her…it’s ok, she won’t know it’s you.  Fellas, how do you handle these women when they come your way?  Do you give them the heisman, or do you make it rain because “it ain’t trickin if you got it?”   Be real, son.  Be really real.

Still on the paper chase,

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