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So last week was one of the most prolific weeks in the history of the site. We thank you for support. One discussion of out the 5 spectacular (no pleasure P) posts was Slim and SBMs team post on Women “doing them” In this post, we explored a common double standard regarding women and their sexual activity. Women constantly address the many double standards they face. It made me think whether men faced any similar double standards, and the results may surprise, shock and amuse.  Fellas, if we’re going to win during this summer, we need to understand and recognize this dynamic in male/female interaction. SBM community, I present the results of my expose on Male Double Standards:

#1 – You didn’t pay for the first date? Game Over: Women glorify and herald their independence, but do believe on that first date, they want traditions upheld. Men should follow this timeless law of chivalry no matter WHAT the lady says. I once had a young lady tell me “We can just go to Popeye’s I don’t care” when we had a tough time finding an alternate restaurant because the first one sucked. I laughed and said “Good one, but we’ll go to the restaurant. Did I pass your little test?”. Do believe I payed for that date too, which I have no problem doing. Women, I just ask that you attempt to “head fake” with the bill to make us feel like you’d actually help us out. We’ll acknowledge it, refuse it, and thank you later.

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In fact money in general holds a serious male double standard. Ladies, imagine what you would do if a dude came into your V.I.P. to drink some of your liquor off the strength that he was handsome and great eye candy for you and your friends? Would you accept him and let him have drinks, or look at him like a broke vagabond and have security escort him out?

#2 – Shorty groped me in the club? OK And?!: I personally know how women feel when they go to the club and they get groped and touched inappropriately. Many times, I’ve been a lucky bastard victimized by women grabbing my ass, catchin cheap feels, and giggling about it like its normal. I wish I could get away with half of the things women did to me in the club. Women, for as much as you hate to be grabbed up, what makes it acceptable for you to do it to us? Are men  suppose to shrug it off because we look for that type of play? Is this an acceptable form of male/female club interactions? These answers would help a brother greatly!

#3 – Dudes with emotions are EMO: My surrogate fam covered the topic on the Emo Cats, but I feel like any dude who shows emotion can be dropped into this category by a woman. A woman wants a dude to care, and show emotion, but a dude could be soft [||] in a woman’s eyes (subliminally) if he’s even minimally empathetic of feelings. This may be a little extreme, but do believe I put my foot down and lay down that good good like a pr0n star the law when I feel the slightest bit of disrespect (and I do that with class of course) Let me know if I’m wrong.

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#4- You didn’t try nothing?! SOMETHING’s wrong with him: This one is pretty ill. Let’s say a man goes out on a date with a pretty woman (no Julia Roberts). They have a good time and she invites him into the house. If in the entire time they enjoy each other’s company he tries nothing (no kissing, groping, feeling, etc.) the woman will think he’s either a) Lame b) Gay or c) Both a & b. Usually in these situations, women ask why men have to do anything except have a good time, but it’s ironic that women would take offense and question men who WOULDN’T try anything! Note to the fellas: No matter how respectable you are, attempt something, or you may offend.

Fellas, are there any other double standard which afflict us daily? Women do you feel these double standards are justified? Discuss, share, retweet, comment, and enjoy yourself Charlie Murphy!

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