In this century, technology serves as a valuable asset. With computers, phones, social networking sites, and different modes of transportation, you can live in any city and still remain connected to friends and family all over the world. They even have Wifi on airplanes now! Along with technology, the pimp game changed and adapted to these current times. The act of courting, conversing, and hooking up meeting sexy, intelligent, freak chicks individuals has a new, fresh, and a futuristic look! Since this summer series focuses on maximizing your enjoyment and overall seasonal experience, it would behoove me to mention the different methods of 21st century pimp game and how to utilize these tools in your daily endeavors:

Twitter – The gift and the curse of current 21 century pimpin. Twitter offers you a variety of options, from twitpic to twichat to twitcam, you can convert your cell phone into a mini laptop and have the world at your fingertips. You can respond to many people at once, keep convos brief (hey only 140 chars.), and send the infamous DM when the conversations get too hot for the public timeline. To follow someone on twitter is harmless, because we all seek followers with which to converse. Buyer Beware: There are many ways you can get caught out there on twitter, and anything you say can and WILL be retweeted. Streetz Tweetz is watchin and if you don’t believe me, FOLLOW!

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Instant Messaging (Gchat/AIM) – Instant messaging brought textual intercourse to the next level. You can speak with a potential all night delight love interest at your leisure. You can convey your emotions graphically with smiley faces after all of your phrases (c) Jay-Z. It also gives you the flexibility to answer when you want, control the conversation, and multitask. You even have people who just exchange screenames (including twitter names!) instead of phone numbers. Access control is a blessing in 2009! Buyer Beware: Always be aware of the Pros and Cons of Digital Communication before engaging in said behaviour.

SmartPhones – No shots, but anyone with a flip phone in 2009 is officially a caveman. Whether you own a BlackBerry, Palm Pre, iPhone, Sidekick(for the 17 and younger club, YES shots), G1, or other, smartphones have revolutionized this pimp game for men and women. You can store a phone number, label the contact information with notes on how you met the person and certain stats in case you forget, use your phone web browser to google restaurants, use GPS to find directions to someones crib, and play Pandora off your phone to get in the mood just because. Thank tiny baby Jesus for picture mail too. These new phones allow for a dynamic living experience, and made the arduous tasks associated with courting simple. There’s a app for everything!

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Video Chat – Church.Tabernacle.Synagogue.Temple.MOSQUE!! As a youngin’, I always watched the futuristic shows (Star Trek, Jetsons, etc) and wished that one day I could use this technology. Now thanks to the miracle of modern technology (and a respectable internet connection), this is possible. There’s nothing like conversing with someone attractive online and “switching to video”. You can talk, see reactions, what they’re wearing, what they take off, and even share photos and other videos while in a conversation (Apple, FTW!). The pimpin possibilities are endless!! This technology is the Ultima Weapon for pimpin, but use this with great care. As with cameras, flip cams, or every other recorded device, if you got grimy people chatting with you and have a desire to wild out, well, let’s just say political office MIGHT not suit you.

SBM Fam, Any other 21st century technology I missed? What are some more pros/cons of using these methods of communication? Am I just a glorified voyeur? Speak on it!!

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