This is the fifth installment in six.  I would be remissed if I didn’t give you one more real talk session before the conclusion of the series next week.  (I actually wrote 8, and then decided not to post this one, but you know what, let her rip!)  So this conversation is always had, why is a woman a ho and a man not, when they do the same thing.  And for a long time, men have been more than willing to admit they are hoes too.  However, today… ain’t yo day, i’m going to be straight up and be honest.  Here’s the real deal….

1) It’s simple supply and demand: There are more women than there are men, therefore it is easier to find a woman than a man. As the supply decreases the demand increases
There are so many more women than there are men. I’ll be honest with you, it’s downright unfair. Because supply and demand rules never change, men have a sense of entitlement. They affirm themselves in knowing that the bar for them is set lower than it is for women. It’s easier to find a woman than it is a man. As you engage in ho-activity, he doesn’t have to pick you. He can move onto the next woman who may or may not be a ho. In the world where the demand is lower for the female than the man, to be taken seriously that is, (The demand for women as c#m depositories is always pretty much peak but it just doesn’t return much value), there’s going to be some things skewed one way over the other. As a man, we engage in our ho-activity, but hey you have to make some concessions, there just aren’t enough men out there for you to be that picky. Take your pick, i’ve slept with over 70 girls or i’ve got three kids? Pick your poison, Ivy.

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2) Women can pretty much have sex whenever they want, a Man has to actually try to have sex
The way men see it is simple, we have to try to have sex and women can always find someone to have sex with. We aren’t talking about whether she really wants to have sex or not, we’re talking about if she does she doesn’t have to try hard to have sex. For that reason, most men feel like because they have to try, they are conquering and thus the chick is giving up the goods which she holds. So when they debate on whether or not a chick is a ho, ask yourself, who is giving in the relationship and who is taking? In the minds of men, you’re giving up the poon and we’re taking it. And this is really what this whole series is about, it’s about what people think. It’s okay for you to think that you are in control of your sexual situations with the dudes you have on your rotation, it’s okay… for you… to think that. But guess what boo? No one cares what you think.

3) It’s just the way it is. The silver lining is, stop thinking you can just do whatever you want because you want to. That’s just not the way the world works
At the end of the day the world is the way the world is. You’re not going to change it overnight. You’re not going to fight some fight of liberation of sexual politics and win. You’re going to keep losing. I come from the school of thought that you don’t have to have the same thing happen to you too many times before you realize that the outcome will remain the same. The issue is not that guys do the same thing and they aren’t looked down upon. THE ISSUE is you’re doing what YOU’RE doing and people are looking down upon YOU. Worry about yourself. Trying to validate your actions because of someone else, or because you don’t care what anyone else says is BULLSH*T. Never in the history of mankind has anyone who actually didn’t care what people thought about them said, “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.” If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have to say it. You wouldn’t even be in a position where someone was going to be able to comment on it.

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It’s unfortunate that we live in the world that we live in. Actually, it’s not, it couldn’t be any better. There’s oxygen here, water, food, I mean, there’s no other place to our knowledge in this universe that has all of that. So it is what it is. We have to play by the rules. You play the hand you’re dealt. (No you cannot change your hand, Kanye.) How much longer are we going to debate this? It’s obvious, because it is what it is. You’re a ho because you’re sleeping with mad dudes. You’re a ho because you’re letting dudes run game on you and then peace out on you. Get over it.

This is brought to you by the Get Over It Series, don’t try to flip this back on men, it’s about women, not men. “It’s a thousand you’s it’s only one of me.” – Kanye West

– Dr. J from the School of Telling Like It Is and NOT How It Ain’t