It’s Friday … you can’t wait till the day is over and the weekend begins … and you might be thinking “This motherf*ckin SBM betta not be tryin to drop no deep knowledge on me today.  Don’t this n***a know that it’s Friday”

Well … how about you sit back … and join me on a little flash back.

My desire to go to Business School goes back many years.  I bought my first GMAT study book before I graduated undergrad, even though I knew it would be several years until I applied.  I’ve damn near had wet dreams about certain schools.  Printed brochures have littered my various rooms for years.

Early on in my career, only a few months on the job … I started my search.  I was aiming for top 5 programs, although I had no desire to go to Harvard.  University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) was the current star in my wet dreams.  An Ivy League only 2 hours from DC, in the oh-so-fun city of Philly … what more could a young SBM want?

So … I’m at the information session.  I came solo because no one shares my immense desire for business school.  I’m sitting at the end of the aisle, early for once in my life (those who know me well know I embody the term “Colored People Time”.  I might be late to my own funeral), with a notebook I stole from work in my hand, and just salivating at the Wharton logo being projected on the screen.  The speaker has started on the greatness of their program, and I am there … listening … in awe.

I drop my pen …

I bend over to pick it up, and as I’m coming up … I see it.  I see something that completely robbed the speaker of my attention.  Something that completely emptied my head of B-school and Ivy Leagues.  Something that really isn’t of significant … but for me … well, it does something for me.

I saw … a foot … perfectly manicured with a dark and deep nail polish … and the most seductive set of open toed shoes.  And to top it off … she was sitting one leg over the other, moving her toes through the air … without a care, chilling right above her equally desirable partner in crime.

Yeah … Wharton who?

For the next 15 minutes, I can’t think of anything but her in nothing but those high heels, butt naked and bent over the kitchen counter out on a nice date with me.

I followed that foot up to.  There were connected to OK legs, a subpar body, and an average face.  But it really didn’t matter.  It was that 20% our of the relationship 80/20 rule (I know you say “Tyler Perry’s ‘Why Did I Get Married'” … you black aint ya?) that had me mesmerized.

I didn’t care that she was only average in looks.  I didn’t care that she had Wharton ambitions (something I usually give major points for).  I didn’t even really desire anything significant with this girl … but at that moment … without her even knowing it, she was doing it for me.

So … you might be thinking that I have a foot fetish.  You might be thinking “SBM you iz a nasty sumbitch”.  Well … F* you your mistaken.  It just so happens that open toed shoes and pretty toes are … one of those “thangs”.

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Yeah … I know everyone has a list of things that just … well … do it for them.  This ain’t new … remember my quirks?

Sexy feet, Great Dreadlocks, sex ass glasses, the list goes on.

So … thanks for reliving that moment of … I don’t know what you want to call it … with me.  But I know I’m not alone on this one.

Have you ever been extremely turned on and attracted to someone temporarily over something not special?  Do you have a weakness that has caused you strife in your life?  Is there something that the worst, stealing from you on the regular, got bad head, can’t go out nowhere, always broke, smacked your momma, no good mother f** … but when he/she does “that thing” … it all goes away?  Go ahead and share … it’s Friday!

– SBM aka I love dreads aka Pretty Toes Rule aka “Leave them glasses on girl”

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