Let it be known that this is the fourth draft of my Latino Heritage Month post. It’s so many things I could write. I first wrote a post that had a lot to do with history and things, but I squeezed that one. Then I wrote a post about why Latina over Black, I didn’t even like that one. Lastly, I wrote a post on why Black chicks hate on Latinas, I liked that, but then Diva told me to kill it, to keep it 100. I mean really what I wanted to do with this post was just give a moment of praise to the Latinas out there, who are doing their thing…

It all started in the first grade, my first crush in elementary school. She was Colombian. I can’t really tell you what it was about her, but I thought she was the baddest girl in all of school. It would later change in the fourth grade when I would get the opportunity to sit next to her for a whole advisory (this is called winning) and I found out that this girl did absolutely no work, no classwork, or homework and just said she didn’t feel well everyday. I busted my ass too hard to be bad to the bone and get good grades that I couldn’t have that.

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My Latinas come in every color known to man, from vanilla to chocolate. Some taste like papayas and some have coconuts, but it’s all love though. In terms of appearance, I’d like to call them the true definition of versatility. I mean, IMHO, the two best moments of my life was when she took out the pin in her hair and it fell over her back, or when she went to take a shower and it was straight and came back and it was curly.


I think that all the Latin languages are beautiful. I mean, what would porno be if it wasn’t for Portuguese? (#noshots) But on the real, Spanish is one of the sexiest languages to have spoken to you, or hear in passing, or to be able to speak even if just a little. I’ll go out on a limb and say that even that version of Spanish spoken only by 100% Puerto Ricans…. from The Bronx, NY, dique, is sexy. You know what I mean, the combination of English and Spanish that you only hear in the streets. Spanglish… (Pour out a little liquor, reach down and slap the floor after she walks by. Feel free to whistle.)


Last but not least, if you ever, ever wanted to get a book on catering to your man. I’m here to tell you that these Latinas have this one down pat. I remember sitting in the house as a child trying to figure out how my cousin got the rice yellow. “How come the rice is yellow?” – Young Dr. J. Anyway, now nothing beats coming home to rice & beans, platanos, some chicken and cold Presidente. Nothing… nope, zip zero, NOTHING. Nothing beats when you have that shorty who is happy to see you when you arrive home. Sitting there on the couch with some food prepared, in your dress shirt and some ankle socks, she flashes that big smile. Nothing beats that right there.

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Anyway this is my shoutout to the Latinas. Keep doing your thing. As only you can do, that’s why you doing what you doing. Fellas do me a favor, please share a story or even thoughts on why you think the Latinas are doing their thing. Ladies, don’t hate, congratulate. And as much as it pains me to say this, feel free to share a story or some characteristics from the Single Black Woman seeking Single Latino Man side.

PS – What Rosa Acosta has done to the game right now is so unfair?  She is not allowed to have that hair, that body, those abs and that voice.  Oh my lawd.