While I have to work today … a lot of you don’t.

In celebration of all of those who don’t have to work and don’t have school … I present: A moment of ignorance (actually 10).

For those of you who have been around long enough to remember, I would share random nuggets of absolute ignorance for you … because we all need to appreciate and recognize ignorance … to go out and crush it!

This is a collection of Maury Povich Paternity Tests.  While I love how #10 just gets up and walks away, I give #2 props for his athleticism.  #4 gets props for the tag team effort … allowing him to celebrate while someone else “tells them off”.

But … at the end of the day #1 earned his spot.  Watching his celebration almost makes me what to get wrongfully accused by some chic just so I can celebrate like that.

I mean … for real … is there a happier moment in a hood ninja’s man’s life?

Without further ado …

10 Best Paternity Reactions


Happy Columbus Day!

– SBM aka “He don’t even look like me … look at inside his nostrils!”

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