After 20 years of research … we are finally approaching a effective male contraceptive (condom doesn’t count).  No more pulling out and praying … us men might finally have something that doesn’t fail once you introduce a little friction,

Personally … I am all for it.  I welcome it with open arms.  If there was a 5K race I could get in on to raise money for the research, I would be out jogging in preparation right now.  Hell, if their taking donations, expect to see a donate button on the right side of this site in like 15 minutes!

I mean … this has to be the greatest thing since … well … female birth control (which makes child-less raw dawg possible life worth living)!

A little background:

After reading about it here and here, I have found out the basics.  Apparently there are a couple of options.  There is a gel you can use, a pill you can take, an injection, and an implant.  The side effects seem to be pretty minimal, and they are having great success.  The implant is supposed to be the first to market … and it all looks good.

I was talking to someone about this … a woman … and she told me “Men are too lazy to take control of their own birth control.  I don’t like taking a pill everyday … and I know ya’ll [lazy ass n***s] ain’t gonna do it!”.

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Uh … who has been the one carrying condoms in their back pockets for the last 100 years?

The duty of finding and putting on a condom has generally remained the burden of the man because these women are too lazy to open the package themselves or keep on in the house … so whats so different about a little implant or a shot every once in awhile.  Small price to pay if you ask me!

I have publicly stated that my #2 fear in life (might be #3 … something) is getting the wrong person pregnant at the wrong time (read: that jumpoff from the club or the one night mistress sending that “I’m late” text message and I start sweating harder than R. Kelly at a high school prom).  So … if there is something I can do to help prevent that (the potential increase in raw dawg s*x is just an added benefit) … again … sign me up!  I have no problem protecting myself out here, and after hearing about wives, girlfriends, and hood rats looking for an out FwBs “forgetting” to take their pill … please believe your boy wants some added “insurance”.

Now, this could be a touchy subject for some.  Contraception (besides condoms) has only been available for women for … well … ever.  Besides a thin sheet of latex, we as men haven’t had anything to protect us besides prayer and the classic “pull out”.

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I already hear some guy saying “I ain’t taking no pill or nothing!  F**k that!” or “What you mean I’m not gonna make sperm!  F**k that!” And then you got the reggin (read it backward) that thinks less of themselves because they don’t have the ability to impregnate someone … right now.

Yeah … its all bs.

So … is contraception a female’s responsibility? Is the condom the only thing a man has to worry about? Is this doomed to failure?  Is this possibly one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime?

SBM family … what do you think?

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