You do NOT judge me!!

Good Folk of the SBM Community,

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States (because you know we got international readers…and sh*t), it’s a time to celebrate, reflect, and get some time off work, shop on Black Friday, and thronx until the cows come home relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. One tradition that my family has (actually it’s the default Thanksgiving tradition but #dontjudgeme) is that we go around the table saying a prayer of thanks. Since I consider you my family, I will carry this staple of the Streetztalk family to you! Reflecting on this past year, although 2009 has been tough as hell, I realize I have many things for which I am thankful:


3 years ago I made a commitement to myself to attain excellent physical health. I saw how illness decimated my family and the African American community in general, and I’d rather be physically fit and workout consistently now, then when I’m 40+ and my doctor tells me that my health is in danger. I eat MUCH better than I did at any point in my life, I work out consistently (lets forget the last 6 weeks though), and as of my last checkup, that 65 on my blood test says all is well! I just hope that I can carry on this conviction for excellent health without significant falloff! Check my progress on Streetztalk as always!!

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We’ve gone through it the last 2 years, but still we stand. Everyone is maintanin and trying to amke it in this cold world. We may argue, and have differences, but they are my family and I love them. We tend to take a lot of LOSSES for family, but whether you know it or not, those same people will be there at your highest and lowest points in life, whether they are blood relatives or close friends. I’m glad to have them here and healthy. They support me and motivate me to be better, and I’m thankful for them


I could always be unemployed. This US job market is real rap. Don’t get it twisted. We all find aggravation with our jobs, but as the quote goes “I once was sad because i had no shoes, until I met a man who had no twitter feet” So I will keep grinding and do what I gotta!

Negative Life Experiences

It might seem strange to say, but I’m thankful for the lessons learned from all the negativity that I experienced in my life and this year in general, whether directly or indirectly. These lessons help me to become a better me, to learn from mistakes, and to react with knowledge and wisdom instead of acting irrational. our life experiences shape up for better or worse. I’m not perfect, but these experiences assist in creating a better, stronger me.

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If you read my blog on success, you know that I struggle with the notion that I may never reach the level of awesomeness that my parents and peers think I should reach. I even had my chapter brother @kan1906 tell me “you should be a millionaire by now!” and that resonated with me more than he’ll ever know. Fact is, if you don’t work on your strong points or take chances, you’ll never know what you can accomplish. Blogging was one of those chances. Since I made my official step into the bloggosphere in 2008, I’ve met many people who’ve assisted me and helped me to realize that I have something here with this writing thing! Shout to SBM, whom I thank for taking a chance on a kid from Queens to hold this site down. Shout to Slim Jackson, Seattle W and Sowhatiff Knowles Jenkins for allowing me to run a train on guest blog 3ways and spread the gospel according to Streetz. Shout to BlogXilla, Examiner, and everyone else who allowed me to let my talent flourish. Shout to all the readers, Twitter Nationals and friends, for empowering me to be great.

Life flies by in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Yes we bitch and complain about our daly struggles, but sometime we have to stop and say thank you for what we DO have! As the preparty for Christmas approaches tomorrow I ask you SBM Community:  What are you thankful for?

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Thanks once again

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