Tis the season for year end wrap ups, resolutions, and favorite ____ of 2009 and the decade on the internets. While we won’t have anything like that here which may be a possible #swindle because I don’t know what everyone else is writing about this week, lol I thought I would look back on 2009, and share with you some things I discovered for the first time this year. I proudly accept my late pass for the following:

iTunes/iTunes Store

Yes, I know, I know. Before you all Ether my life, understand that I’ve used this application in the past. I’ve been highly adverse to using iTunes since I was more of a Windows Media Player/Winamp person. I didn’t understand the allure of iTunes, as i thought in essence it was another music player that Mac owners are forced to use. Well, I started using it extensively after I was compelled to support Jay Electronica’s new single Exhibit C Mind you, this was my first ever iTunes purchase, since I’m bombarded I get exclusive music daily, and usually buy CDs to support artists. After that purchase, I’m officially leaving CDs in this decade and going 100% digital! using iTunes to organize files is still a gift and a curse to me, but I’m content for now (especially with the album artwork auto adding and excellent search features). I should’ve converted to this a LONG time ago!

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Little Brother/Kidz in the Hall/The Cool Kids

When it comes to hip hop, I’m usually one of those people who passes over certain artists, and decide that “I’ll hear them when I feel like listening”. Well after repeated cosigns from the homies Reecie, TAUT, Brittany, and others, I finally gave these guys a listen (I should say extensive listen because I’ve heard these artists before but never listened to their entire catalogues). These groups, and other artists, are quality emcees and bring a breathe of fresh air to hip hop. I’m glad I finally sat down and gave them a chance. If you haven’t then you should also!


So for 2x years, I thought that I was allergy proof. I had a healing factor that would make Wolverine envious. I normally bounce back quickly from injury and sickness, but never had an allergy. Well 3 years ago in DC after eating SOMETHING  at a LOVE nightclub buffet (first mistake) I had a Hitch moment, which scared the sh*t out of me. My esophagus was closing and I was losing breathe. I never had a reaction like that. Thankfully, I got some Benadryl and was fine. This year I finally took my allergy test and the tests revealed that I have a level 4 allergy to Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp (basically shellfish) with 5 being the highest level. So no more shellfish for me :-\. What’s even crazier is that earlier that week I ate shrimp! I’m glad I took that test, because as you age your body becomes more susceptible to allergy and I might not be as lucky if I eat shellfish again!

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Latin America

This year also marked the first year I travelled to Latin America (finally got around to it!). I went to Panama and DR and it was an excellent cultural experience. I loved it, and it only cemented my eagerness to travel to Europe and Asia and other countries I have yet to visit. Stop being local and make moves!

So there’s my late pass additions, what about you? Did you discover anything this year that people may have been aware of for years? Did you finally try something you were adverse to prior? let us know.

Prospero Año y Felicided!