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Happy New Year
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It is a new year and a new decade.  It’s funny as I get older the changes I have gone through and how my thinking has changed toward women, dating, love, and marriage.  Things that used to confuse me now make sense, songs that annoyed me before are now my jams, and “wisdom” about women I was imbued years ago is now relevant.

But … is it me …

Is it that I have grown and changed, or just that dating has changed.  Is it that I personally have gone through some personal metamorphosis, or that the rules of engagement for our parents. and even older siblings,  just don’t apply anymore?

So, as we enter this new year and decade, I want to predict the dating climate of 2010.  I have conjured my the SBM mystical ball of dating (an 8 Ball where I scratched of the 8 and wrote “SBM is the Man” in silver ink) and it has allowed me to view into the future.  In exactly one year, we will reconvene and you will see that I was 100% right.

The African-American divorce rate will rise to 97%

As we rebound out of the recession, our people will finally be able to afford divorce lawyers and shaky marriages that held together through tough times will dissolve as both people can gain employment.  More importantly, Jay Z will release a single stating “Divorced is the New Single” that will promote going out to the club and popping bottles well into a man’s 50’s.  Black women will be angry as even the “good one’s” are flying down to Spellman’s homecoming in order to get someone 20 years younger.

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Beyonce and Jay Z will get divorced

I’m sorry, but they never made sense to me as a couple.  It’s like the star football player dating the start cheerleader, except that he is like 10 years older and is a solid 4 while she is a 10.5.  As a result of this monumental break-up and Jay’s new single (read previous prediction), Black relationships in America may never recover.

This will be the year of the “Angry Black Woman

With news specials increasing their coverage of angry black woman (washingtonpost.com) and forever single women (this is a good arse video), we are going to see sales of “ABW” shirts spike in number.  ABW won’t be an insult anymore, and a lot of women will embrace this label.  They will convince their friends to be angry too and that men aren’t any good.  What really got me with the washingtonpost.com post is that it’s a woman who will lead this charge.  Once her movie hits … it’s a wrap

Speed Dating will make a super comeback

As black love continues to degenerate, the idea of going someplace, picking from 8 women, and then taking one home will gain traction.  Trust …

Women on the down low will be brought to light

Yeah … you heard me.  Some woman from Philadelphia will write about her cheating on her husband with hundreds of women.  Thing is … the husband will not be mad, and men will start trying to introduce “down low” coworkers to their non “down low” wives.  Unlike down low men, these down low women will actually be sought after and searched for.

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Daisy Dukes will make a comeback

This one might just be wishful thinking …

So there you have it.  I know they might seem a little off brand, and I know this Grey Goose got me acting a fool on this blog I might be just making stuff up with reckless abandonment … but suppose I’m right.  Huh … what then?

What are your 2010 dating predicitons?

P.S.: For those who couldn’t tell … I was joking.  I mean … 97%, come on.  And DL women … in my dreams.

– SBM aka The Black Nostradamus

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