We got that knowledge ... right?

We got that knowledge ... right?


There are several types of blogs out there. There are the less visited personal blogs where the authors use their website as an online diary. There are the sports blogs, humor/comedy blogs, fashion blogs, hip-hop/music blogs, lifestyle blogs, and current events/political blogs. There are definitely a few other categories, but these seem to be the ones that are most prevalent in the black blogosphere. Yeah, I know. Everyone who visits this website isn’t black. But let’s just be realistic, this blog is called what it is for a reason. I don’t say that with a fist in the air or anything else extreme. I say that with the utmost love…or something.

Some of you are probably thinking I forgot a blog category and are wondering how could I do such a thing given the nature of this website. Don’t worry. I didn’t forget. The main thing I wanted to talk about today was the fascination with sex and relationship blogs. They get the most traffic and the most comments. This niche is probably the most saturated of all the blog niches out there, which makes the accomplishments of this website all the more substantial. But there’s something about this niche that just boggles my mind and humors me simultaneously. Actually, it’s something that sorta applies to the blogging world in general. Of all the people I see commenting or chatting about blogs online, the most frequent users seems to be 20 and 30 something women. Whether it be my site, here, the VSB’s of the world, or some of the other popular websites floating around, women dominate the blogosphere. There are a couple of exceptions. It seems (black) men most commonly like to truly visit sports and hip-hop websites with a growing portion participating in the sex and relationship niche as active commenting folks. I think if you look at the flow of dialogue on this website alone, you’ll see what I mean.

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There is something else within all of this that I really wanted to point out. And that thing is that it seems within this particular niche, the most popular and pizzling sex and relationship blogs are all run by men. If I recall, the finalists in the Black Weblog Awards this past year for this category were all male-run websites. Can I just say that it’s kinda odd that of all the women out there who write about relationships, none of the woman-run blogs were able to garner enough votes from fellow women to get even 1 site into the finals in this niche. Even I, as a man that writes about relationships, was like “Wow, nobody thought a woman writer got it right in this category?” Interesting don’t you think? Anyways, it seems to me that women flock to websites like this one to understand the inner workings of a man’s mind and to seek advice on how to find love and/or save their relationship(s). I think it’s great and it’s an honor to be part of a group of writers that appears to be well-respected with regard to their thoughts and opinions, but honestly…

People in general need to stop taking everything that we or any other non-married male bloggers write as 100% truth to be applied to their daily lives. Do we give a lot of great advice? Yes. Do we write positive and encouraging posts to help people? Yes indeed. But the true answers to the problems in all of our lives will TYPICALLY NOT be found on blogs written by people like me. Am I saying don’t believe anything I say? No. I’m just saying that women, yes women, need to take what’s written on these websites with a grain of salt a lot of the time—particularly with some of the topics that seem to be so prevalent. I see so many search strings about friends with benefits, how to get a man to sleep with her, and what makes a hoe that it’s kinda depressing. Letting a few 20 something bloggers tell you who you are shouldn’t ruin your day or do anything to your self esteem. This is for entertainment and limited informational purposes only.

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I’m not saying don’t come back here tomorrow. I’m just saying that if one of us says you’ve partaken in questionable activity and are considered a smeeze, don’t go jump off a bridge. We just want to keep everybody entertained and create an atmosphere for dialogue. That is what it’s all about isn’t it? Nonetheless, I want to know what you all look for in blogs? Why do you frequent websites like this and what other sites do you tend to visit? Do you find these type of websites to be a lifesaver or just a day saver at work? Lastly, why do you think the blogosphere is mainly women, but heavy influenced by a small number of men? Maybe the answers are simple. Maybe not. Let me know.

I like the concept of love but my degree is in something else,

slim jackson

P.S. See you next week!