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Three very powerful words.

Although I am not an emotional man (Ice Cold …), I have experienced a myriad of emotions in my life.  I have witnessed true happiness and joy.  I have been thrust into the painful abyss of sadness.  I have barely escaped incarceration have had remorse after first hand experiences with anger.

As a result, I have felt “some kinda way” towards different people in my lives.  But, I can say for 99% of the times when I have felt blinding rage that ends with fist fights, burnt houses, and all kinds of mayhem … rarely (if ever) have I ever been able to utter, let alone truly think and mean, the following three words.

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“I hate you!”

In the relationship world, this is what you call an Extinction Level Event.  This might actually be worst than cheating (might).  Simply stated, in my mind, there really is no coming back.  Once you have told someone you utterly detest their being … and you actually mean it … things will never be the same.

Yet, given the supreme importance placed on the word hate, you have way too many people using out of context.  Way too many small arguments dropping “H” bombs and rolling through it like nothing ever happened.

To make it personal, I once cursed out someone while she was crying and naked in front of me (yeah … I have a mean streak).  As I pummeled her with insult after insult over her body, life, previous relationships, and numerous failures as a human being, as I unleashed all my disdain for her and what we once had (or at least were attempting to have) … even then … I couldn’t say or even think it.  It still wasn’t that deep.

Now, there are valid times in life when you can “tell em how you feel” and it’s justified.  The reason the word hate is in the English language, besides acting as father to “hater”, is because you can really hate someone.  Here are some times when you might really just hate a mother f****r

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He/She cheated on you with your mom/dad or brother/sister

Not only are you allowed to hate your now former S.O. for exchanging fluids with your blood, but you can now hate this person in your family also.  It’s like a 2 for 1

He/She refuses to give you oral delights

I have said it before and I will say it again … head matters.  If they just won’t do it, then let em know how you feel.

He keeps saying “the baby ain’t mine! DNA my a**”

If Maury already opened up that manila envelope and he didn’t break into a back flip and dance … then he’s the Dad!  And if he ain’t manning up … then hell … I hate him too.

They leave you stranded … waiting to die

Just because it hasn’t happened to me yet doesn’t mean that the love of my life isn’t going to make some type of quick getaway and leave me bleeding on the side of the road.  This is a Bonnie and Clyde type procedure … in it till the end.

They leave you stranded … to leave with another guy/girl

Just thinking about it makes me wanna …

What are your feelings on that three word phrase?  Am I overreacting?  Is the line between Love and Hate really that thin?  Can you drop and “H” bomb and make it all go away with an “I’m sorry” and makeup head?

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– SBM aka Mr. No Emotion aka My hate is too strong to let out the box