Look at him, he's winning!

This post could easily read “What I Like” or “Things I Like”.  But while I understand that I might be alone in my hatred of weaves, today I aim to spell out a few things all men like.

Yes … every single one of us.

There are simply certain things in life that every single living breathing 99% of men enjoy.  Generally speaking, we are simple creatures.  There is stuff that resonates with us all.  For the women that come her for that inside look into the male mind … well … not really sure if I can make it any more easier.

So sit back, take out your notepad, and prepare to hear some sh* you already should know be enlightened.


The Male ego is one of the few things about men that you could label as “complicated” although its really simple and most women just want to complain about it rather than understand it … although we go through the painstaken process of pleasing the female ego.  One important thing to remember is that we love to win.  We don’t have to win all the time and we don’t have to win at everything, but if we aren’t winning at work, in the bed, or with the misses … life sucks and someone is eventually gonna die to result in our win.  Trust and believe.

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Dr. J took the time yesterday to explain the importance of head in solving all of the world’s problems.  And just in case you missed yesterday’s literary masterpiece, I am hear to reiterate it. Head is important to men and we really like … nay … love it.  As Streetz said, it cures colds and heals the world.


We love to win ourselves but we need to watch other win too.  Even us men (me) who don’t love sports … still like sports.  There is just something that is inherently manly about sports.  Some are into baseball, other would die to keep basketball on TV, hockey is the main draw for man, and football captivates millions each weekend for hours on end.  Sports, yea … we like it.

A Quiet House

Name one black sitcom that hasn’t shown the male head of household sitting on a couch and exhaling deeply as they enjoy the piece and solitude of a quiet house.  This is loved more and more as we age and the average noise level of the house increases, but can be enjoyed at any time. Even back in college when all my roommates were gone and I could sit on the living room couch and watch my shows in piece … it was a moment of zen.  And ask one man with a live in girlfriend/fiancee/wife if he doesn’t appreciate when she is out shopping and he can masturbate watch tv in peace.

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The male species manages to keep our youthfullness long after we have physically lost it.  While out hair is gray and our bodies wrinkled temples to our former greatness, we still manage to cherish the kid at heart. As a result toys of some sort will always be loved.  You average man starts out with action figures, eventually moving up to footballs and BMX bikes.  Then they get their first video game console.  That one might last all the way to their 20’s or 30’s.  Then we grow into big boy toys … cars, motorcycles, big screen TVs, and fake stripper breasts gadgets.  No matter the age there is a “toy” for us.

Sometimes you just gotta take things back to the basics.  Although a lot of people already knew these few things were universally shared as a favorite of ever red-blooded man … there were probably a few of you (I see you) that were thrown off or forgot one.  Well … your welcome.

Since we know that there is well more than 5 things on this list, what did I miss?  Are there any men who disagree with these 5?  Any women who got some non-gay male friend who doesn’t hit them all?

– SBM aka “I know what boys like” (pause) aka I can’t think of another alias

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