Although a lot of women don’t agree with me, seduction is a 2 way street. Yes … courtship (now) goes both ways.

Just as he is wining and dining you, watching Desperate Housewives with you, and putting up with your cackling and annoying female friends … any woman looking to earn the coveted “wifey” title should be focused on impressing that special guy.

There are plenty of ways to do this. So many ways … kinda boggles the mind. Cook him a homemade dinner, surprise him with some lingerie, or giving him some porn star quality head special attention. But one way to make him look at you in a different light, one way to finally get out of the jumpoff category (ok … there is rarely anyway to lose the JO label), one way to getting one step closer to earning your MRS … be cool.

Yeah … be motherf*cking cool

When we think of women … a few words and images come to mind. Of course you have that “mother of my child”, “life giver”, and emotional caregiver that we all love. But … really … nagging, demanding, and “always bugging the living f*ck out of me” also come to mind. One way to differentiate yourself from every other chicken head woman vying for his attention is to be the cool one who he just … enjoys.

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Because a person who just tells you what to do without giving some tips and hints is … well … useless … I am going to share some time tested methods to become that cool chic that is the envy of every guy.

Watch whatever he likes with him … and … DON’T ASK QUESTIONS

Some guys love football, some are basketball fans, some crave golf, while others are into 24 or Heroes. Whatever it is, watch it with him once in awhile, and don’t ruin his show. Extra points if you make him something to eat with it.

Go with him to the strip club

Now … I know you don’t want to go see some titties in your face (well … if your north of the Mason Dixon … cause southern women seem to love them some strip clubs), but if he is a fan … prepare to earn yourself some brownie points. Double if you make it rain.

Don’t Nag … make jokes

When one guy has a problem with another, when he is being annoyed, or when his boy is f*cking up … he jokes (aka clowns … aka jones on) him. Adopt this approach for 75% of the things you want to “have a talk about”. Instead of yelling at him for being late, tell him they should rename CP time after him. Think about it … you’ll be considered “cool” in no time.

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Bring home some beer/cognac

Bring him his favorite drink … as a surprise. And don’t being something for both of you, don’t bring something he hates but you love … bring him some good “yac” or his favorite beer (probably Corona). And if you don’t know what that is … then your slipping!

Give him head in the car

Uh … self explanitory.

While every guy loves a “cool girl” … not everyone is going to fall in love with one. While you go and prove you him that you can be fun and relaxed too … don’t forget how to be a woman. No one is trying to f*ck one of the boys.