Only a Type-A gets paid!

I don’t think there is anything I can say about loose women that hasn’t already been covered by us and many more.

We told you how to tell if she was a garden variety tool, broke down the difference between a female player and a ho, Dr. J shocked ya’ll by telling you the truth of the ho label, and Slim and I broke down this “Doing me” nonsense.

And tha’s just the tip of it.  As guys … we have a lot to say about the topic.

But here at, I strive to hit both sides of any topic.  I can’t just talk about ying without covering the yang.

So here we are …

While it is impossible for a man to be a hoe … he can be a whore.  And not the same type of dirty and disease ridden variety that some females strive for … but a slightly different breed that recognizes the differences between the sexes, but still chastises the reckless behavior.  Yes … I am talking about the Man-Whore.

First and Foremost … every promiscuous man is a qualified man-whore.  I don’t know the magical number that officially gains a male entry into the club, but at some point your not just “sowing your oats” and you have officially reached whoredom.  Unlike with a regular whore/hoe/slut … there are two distinctive types of man-whore.  The good kind and the bad kind.

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Type A – The Player

This man-whore simply likes to fornicate.  He loves women, loves the chase, and just isn’t a fan of commitment.  He’s not about to just sleep with anyone as he has standards and isn’t about to let a lowly 3 get in his bed just so he can bust one.  He’s not paying for it, he’s not begging, and he doesn’t need crazy lies to “win”.  The women he usually seduces want something more and might be mad they can’t have him.  And rarely will he put himself in danger just from some beats … always strapped.  Basically … your typical ladies man.  Think Bill Bellamy in “How to be a Player”.

Type B – The Bottom Feeder

This sad man-whore gets in where he can.  He will smash whoever and whatever that has a va-jay-jay and will let him.  Fat ones, ugly ones, well known hoes and sluts, and you might catch him rolling around the high school or the freshman dorm, even though he is 2 months away from 30.  He might just be suffering from low self-esteem and has spent his life trying to compensate for the time the girls table laughed at him in high school.  His treatment of women is deplorable, and rarely is a woman coming back for seconds.  As a fellow man, I cannot condemn his actions … but brotha needs to get his life together.  There is a good chance he will catch one or more STDs and get some really ugly chick pregnant that he can’t take out in public.

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Now .. these two individuals are man-whores just the same and are committed to a life of promiscuity.  But we see that one is the type of guy 50% of the male populace tries to be … while the other is what 75% of those trying to be a player end up achieving (for you non math folks that leaves about 12.5% of real players).

It’s a well known fact that society is a lot less likely to shun a man for racking up McDonald’s numbers.  I’m not going to say whether it’s right or wrong because we all know that it’s OK because that is a choice only to be made by the girlfriend.  And if she doesn’t care … then no other hating (I want to retire the word … I really do … but I need a substitute) a$$ female individual should either.

Man-whores can be reformed.  At some point … it just gets old (for most).  Most men realize that there is more to life than just beating random box.  When that epiphany comes, a man can return his man-whore membership and settle down.

To the women, are you OK with a Type-A man-whore?  Have you fell victim to a Type-B that you want to forget?  What do you think about man-whores period?  To the men … feel me?

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– SBM aka Never has never wanted to join the club aka One or two “incidents” doesn’t give you the label