You knew he was gonna get you shot...

One of the main tenets of the “G Code” is for lack of better terminology, having your people’s backs.  No matter what.  The frustrating part about following this code is not having to remain true to your word, but having to do so when your fellow G royally f*cks up.  (I told you not to call the house from the spot.  Now you callin’ me for bail money.  Come on, Knowledge…)  I can always forgive an honest mistake, but complete acts of irresponsibility is hard to deal with.  Consistent complete acts of irresponsibility are close to cardinal sins.  I use the term irresponsible in a broad sense, because they are range of behaviors your peers exhibit can be deemed irresponsible, but can fall into other categories such as immature or just plain stupid. The politically correct answer that most people will give you is that the do feel obligated to be their brother’s keeper, but the increasingly individualistic nature of our society says that we don’t.

The work that is sometimes necessary to be a “brother’s keeper” can be exhaustive.  Think about that friend or relative that can’t seem to get it right or is a parasite to any and all available resources.  The place a strain on your relationship because they seem to require more attention and help than normal.  Their consistent acts of irresponsibility can cost you valuable time, money or even chinks to your reputation depending on the situation.  Ever recommended someone for an interview just to have them embarrass you both.  (So the only shoes you could find to match your tie were your gold boots?  Thanks.)   Unfortunately, what tends to happen is we don’t end up helping people out of a sense of duty to help, but of out the guilt that will bind us if we don’t help this person.  I have no problem helping you move, but I rather not do it at 3am because your girl went through your phone and now she’s burning all your sh*t.  (I told you she was crazy.  Twice.)

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Ideally if we all looked out for another more, it’s needless to say to we would be in a better place as people.  I don’t want to sound like one of those “blame the system for everything” people, but there is no denying that the well laid, systematic pattern of institutional racism that exists in this country continues to drive wedges between our people and do not present favorable conditions to foster “unity” amongst our people.  In more personal situations, constantly putting out other people’s fires can become as pleasant as a hemorrhoid.  I believe we all have a responsibility to look out for one another, but that responsibility can become overbearing when people are unable to look out for themselves.

I know…kinda deep for a Friday, but this is something I’m forced to think about often, and I figured I might as well share and see what you think. Who knows, you’ll probably end up going out this weekend and end up taking care of a friend that had too much to drink or slick talking your way out of Department of Corrections manufactured bling.   Or maybe your favorite person to avoid will call you this weekend to borrow money…again.  Whatever the case, at some point, you’re going to find yourself in this situation will more than likely stay true to code, for fear of intense guilt setting in.  Or maybe your the constant schmuck Good Samaritan to get sucked dry lend a helping hand.

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Yes, the only thing that matched were the Gold Boots,