One thing that I will always 100% know about women, is that I’ll never 100% understand women. I’ve tried through experience, through listening, through observation. Women are like LOST: Every time I seem to get close to all the answers about 100 more pop up in its place. A blessing of being a blogger for SBM.Org is that we have an intelligent and opinionated female reader population. So I implore you to assist me in this fact finding mission. Let’s start with four things that Streetz doesn’t understand about women:

Women’s  Logic
I emphatically believe  that women’s  logic is of another reality. The basis by which you form conclusions continue to baffle me. It perplexes me because through enough experience, I tend to rationalize these irrational ideals! Logic such as “if  he doesn’t say I love you than he doesn’t love me”, the foreign language you speak and expect  us to interpret  & translate, and even the thought that a dude who just met you should buy a plane ticket for you to visit him, will never cease to amaze me!

Touching a woman’s hair
Time  and time again, I’ve expressed my fetish for a woman’s hair. I love running my fingers through it, massaging a woman’s scalp, and know more than I should about texture, luster, and haircare in general #NoLaVidaLoca. My fetish has also endangered my life, as a number of women have threatened to hit me with Sweet Chin Music if I even DARE touch their weave hair. Now I understand you get it done, etc, but even when yall shyt is normal you act hella crazy! Then men gotta hear it from you if we beat those and you goto sleep without your scarf on! Really? EYE aint tell you to keep it off to impress me! ¿Que Pasó?

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Any form of the word B*tch = instant DEATH

After analyzing my post last week, I see that a lot of women had more of an issue with the use of b*tch then the actual message. As I stated before, I wasn’t raised to call a woman out their name, and growing up with my mom and sisters, I attained a higher level of respect for women. Don’t get me wrong, I will call siblings every word in the book, but I’ve seen too many circumstances where men utter this word and the gates of hell open in front of their eyes. I’m not sure what switch this sets off but unless you are another woman, a gay man, or “cute enough to slip it in quick without her knowing #TWSS” I wouldn’t try to call women this name, or you’ll be spitting up teeth to the beat of U.N.I.T.Y

Period Timing

I believe that the period is similar to the Mark of Cain for all women. This curse causes you to bleed for a week, bloated, experience different types of pain, and ALL THE TIME sometimes react in an irritable manner. What I don’t understand is why Auntie Flo decides to appear at the most inopportune times? I know women say they can time it, but I’ve heard a few ‘1st time’ stories that had me curse your menstrual link to the high heavens! It also seems to appear when men who work on a prospective side piece, finally get clearance to hit! Unless you’re a speedster prone to running red lights, this will serve as a hindrance and roadblock to poontacular pastures! No clue about the timing, but all men collectively yell “chuuuuch” when any lady they dealt with receives one!

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There’s a trailor load of other exampless, but these 4 came to mind. Men, what don’t you understand about women. Women, please clarify any and all opinions. What about things you don’t understand about men? I’m trying to learn so please oblige

Each one, teach one… n sh*t