There were a ton of articles I contemplated posting, and I had some good ones lined up for you, but we broke stride and went with current affairs.

If you missed Jill Scott’s thoughts on interracial dating, catch up here: Jill Scott on Interracial Relationships. She articulated her views well, but I respectfully disagree.

Jill, you’re my homegirl, but advice comes best from experience. Jill Scott, a divorced mother of one, expressed her concerns with interracial dating. While acknowledging our racial upbringing, we must admit we’ve evolved.

Jill mentioned Black unity, asking where we are now. Today’s Black women differ from those during slavery and the Civil Rights era, adapting significantly. We’ve spent so much time not needing each other that we no longer want each other.

Black men have their own challenges, often ingrained from birth. We learn about sex, relationships, black women dating, and more. Historically, pursuing white women was dangerous for Black men.

Jill Scott spoke about the emotional burden of seeing Black men with white women. While valid, it’s not young Black men’s responsibility to date only Black women. Let us make our own choices. Genuine love transcends race.

To all Black women, stop belaboring this point. Embrace the saying, “Accept the things I cannot change.” I can’t change being Black or others’ judgments. Be “over it” with interracial dating. Focus on those who appreciate you.

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