Shorty is a TEN!

So I was walking around New York City, and I came to a realization: A lot of people are out of shape! I’m not talking about a pound here and there, our people are FAT! I was plump a big bonededed kid as a child, and while I was comfy in my skin, I always aspired to be better. For one, I wanted to excel in sports, and two, I saw my family suffer from many a ailment, and I didnt want to suffer the same fate.

I see men and women walking around with guts and pouches, knowing these same people could get in shape with a little dedication. I go to the local Checkers/In-n-Out/Mickey Dees, and the “medium” drink can pass for a large in other countries. It’s getting out of hand my people! I know a lot of us want to get in shape, but think we don’t have the time. Either that or that 6-pack you ordered from eBay didn’t arrive yet. We got 6 weeks starting today until the start of summer, so I’m serving up a few tips to get right for summer 2010 (and beyond)

Cardio is ESSENTIAL for fat loss

You burn calories, using the fat on your body already as fuel. Once you do it regularly (3x a week) your body gets accustomed to burning that fat and calories and this will provide a great step towards total body fitness. 30 minutes a session can result in 300 calories burned (give or take). I suggest early morning fasted cardio. This is running, cycling, etc on an empty stomach when you first awake. Why is this effective? “Your body always uses a mixture of glycogen and fat to run, but the ratio is many times dependant upon the availability of these fuel sources. So, when your body is low on glycogen in the morning, it is forced to burn fat at a higher ratio than if you had just eaten. Therefore, doing cardio in a fasted state will burn more fat than doing it in a non-fasted state.” (Click HERE for more info).

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Diet is essential to fat loss

Here’s the tough truth yall: What you eat affects how you look. Simple as that. You aren’t going to have a 6-pack of abs and crazy definition with a 6 day a week routine of sweets and fast food. TRUST when I say fast food is my guilty pleasure, but when I think about where I want my body to be, it’s a sacrifice worth taking. You don’t gotta cut the foods you love out, it’s a matter of making SMART decisions. If you want to get right, you should eat about 6 meals daily (they say women can eat 5-6). These consist of the 3 main meals and 3 intermediate meals, or snacks. YOU MUST EAT BREAKFAST DAILY!! You gotta kick your body’s metabolism into gear early, and breakfast is the best way. Missing that, or any meal for more than 3 hrs, starves your body, sending a message to store fat. We don’t want that. Just make smart decisions while eating, keep the foods mostly natural, definitely cheat here and there as to not thoroughly deprive yourselves, and make sure your meals are well portioned.

Weight Training assists with fat loss

Weight training completes our 3 part plan to get right. The Internet has loads of workout plans, so pick one, ANY one. Either way, we (YES YOU 2 LADIES) should all do some type of weight training. First, it builds muscle. Weight training burns fat for up to 36 hours after your workout session. Combine that with cardio on your non lift days and your body will remain in a constant state of fat burning! It’s THAT simple. Weight training helps to build strength and tone the body (along with cardio). By building lean muscle, you also assist in fat burning, as lean muscle always burns fat. It’s also healthier.

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At the end of the day, it’s better to get in shape now, then to be in mid-late stages of your life making a last ditch push to be physically fit. Getting in shape now, whatever age you guys reading are, will assist and benefit your health and physical fitness – both outside and inside. You should always love who you are. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t. I just know we can do better. Feel better. Get healthier, and function at a higher level. We all look in the mirror and see things we like and dislike. Seeing men and women in great shape motivates me, because I feel if they can get there. Why not me? It’s a goal I’ve always wanted, and that motivates me to go hard towards it. When I get my 6-pack, I think I’m throwing a party, LOL. You may have your own personal motivations, either way, let’s get in shape and develop it into a lifestyle and not a fly-by-night operation.

Do you see weight/fitness as a problem? Is it a turn off? Should I let people do them? Any other tips? Holla at us!

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