When dealing with the opposite sex, I’m far from high maintenance. I look for certain things and ultimately look to coexist, have a good time, and avoid drama at all costs. I got interviewed by Essence , and they asked me about 10 questions including “What’s the Dealbreaker in a relationship for you?” They didn’t publish the answer to that questions, so I decided to list me top 5 here. There’s just some things that I won’t tolerate, and when these top 5 things occur, I’m Swayze:

#5 – Psycho Tendencies: Confession: I think crazy can be sooo sexy. Only a LITTLE crazy though, like .010% crazy. When we get into Jasmine Sullivan territory, that’s no bueno! Any woman willing to commit Caricide to my V, physically harm me (and I don’t mean slappin… I mean gangsta rap induced beat-downs), or who will question every Facebook Status, BBM update, twitter message, phone call, or anything else needs to beat it! Those tendencies reveal a lack of security, and a threat to my peace of mind, and we can’t have that! Ladies, spare me the “Men make us do this” excuses too!

#4 – She DON’T got her own: Let me present a mathematical proof: Various artists have proclaimed that “It aint trickin if you got it”. Streetz does not trick. Streetz does not “got it”. Therefore, to spend $$ Streetz doesn’t have frivolously on a woman would be considered trickin, and since Streetz is not capable of trickin, this action cannot occur. QED

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of those you care about. The problem lies with women who have no ambition, have no car/job/crib/life plan, yet will criticize every dude for not living up to her status quo. I can respect a golddigger more because she at least has a life plan, and if a salad ass nikka is willing to take them to the promise land, then so be it. I’m not the one. I don’t expect a woman to live my life or accomplish what I did. However, certain qualities (independence, ambition, and intelligence) are sexy, productive, and necessary in my book. If you have the confidence of a deer caught in headlights, or the intelligence of a bottle of water, I’m good. I’ll even add personality. If you’re personality and conversational skills are drier than the Sahara, go..THAT way!

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#3 – Cheating/Lying: I know myself and I know that if a woman cheated on me, I’d feel a certain way. This actually would depend on my mood. I may feel apologetic and forgiving, or I could cut them off immediately. Who knows if I would get over it. It’s a case-by-case situation for me though. I even include lying in this, because when women lie, yall lie about SERIOUS sh*t! I don’t care about little lies, men do it all the time we ALL tell BS lies, like “Oh I fell asleep that’s why I didn’t call you back” when in reality you just forgot, lol. So if you’re lying, cheating, etc, I question everything else, and it’s not a good look from there. Time heals all wounds and depending on the situation I can forgive, but I won’t forget. It’s always better to end something than to harbor ill feelings and hold it over someones head forever, which no one deserves.

#2: Sexual incompatibility: Sex isn’t everything for other people in a relationship, but its an integral part in overall physical compatibility. I’ve heard enough horror stories from men and women to know that I’m not alone in this. If I could get more sensation from humping the bed than I can from her, then it’s time to call it quits. If someone wraps your relationship over sex, be happy because eventually they would feel the need to attain their sexual seduction elsewhere. I don’t even know how bad sex, horrible sex, or anything worse can be tolerated for extended amounts of time. If someone can explain that to me I’d appreciate it, because that doesn’t compute in my mind.

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#1- Invasions of privacy (My answer to Essence): Lil Wayne’s Mrs Officer shed light that there are some sexy/beautiful law enforcement women out there, HOWEVER that doesn’t mean I’m into FBI induced behavior when ina  relationship! All the private eye behavior (breaking into phones, email accounts, checking garbage cans,etc) earns you an immediate release from your contract. I don’t do it, nor do I ever feel compelled to snoop, so I don’t think she should either! Ladies, you can tell me all you want about “women’s intuition” and finding something knowing you were right. Sorry, it’s STILL wrong. Fellas, if your shorty ever finds out damaging info on you by super-duper snoopin, please cite that the bill of rights Fourth Amendment protects you from unlawful search and seizure and without a proper warrant, that “evidence” is inadmissible in your conversation.

What’s the #1 DealBreaker for you? Is this list unreasonable? I’d like to hear what other things will have you cross a potential mate off the list. Holla at me!