You want the truth?

As I was reading through the comments of the good Dr.’s post yesterday, there was a general sentiment expressed by the ladies that maybe men should be more forth right in their dealings instead of running intricate schemes in order to “win”.  Which is fine.  In the same breath, it was also revealed that women have the capability to employ similar tactics to achieve their end goal, whether it be to snatch prey of their own, c*ckblock so their friends can have a good time, or #swindle free drinks out of dudes too drunk to recognize they don’t even know who their buying drinks for.  Which is also fine.  What keeps me scratching my head is that women are in total shock and disgust when they find out the truth about what’s going on behind the curtain.

Motion offenses and other tactical strategy have been happening since the beginning of time.  If they didn’t work they would have abandoned long ago for a more effective strategy, but as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  The ugly truth of the matter is, women know the truth but delude themselves into thinking that they can somehow make the situation work in their favor.  Honesty may be a good policy, but imagine if first encounters went like this:

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Sheamus: I know we just met, but I hope you don’t mind me saying your t*ts look spectacular in that dress.

Keisha: Excuse me?

Sheamus:  Listen, I don’t even really want to buy you a drink, but I figure it’ll be easier to get in your pants and I’m drinking anyway…so what can I get you?

Keisha: You’re a pig.

Sheamus:  Hm…never heard of that drink…I’ll see if the bartender knows how to make it.  So, is this going anywhere, because I don’t want to keep buying you drinks if you’re not putting out.


The funny thing about the fictional conversation above is that Keisha actually wore that dress so someone could buy her a drink, but actually hearing that her desired effect has been achieved comes as a surprise. Women can be very manipulative and the idea that they can be offended at the fact that men put this much effort into these endeavors is manipulative in itself.   Not all men would be that shallow in their thinking if they were brutally honest with you, but I can guarantee you that it wouldn’t be too far off from that exchange.

Like it or not, the dating game is exactly that, a game.  If you decide to become a part of the game, that makes you a player in the game, subject to all rules and regulations and crying is not allowed.  If you made a conscious decision to accept an invite to an event to reap some sort of benefit, it should come as no surprise that the invitation was given with the same purpose in mind.  I know you think all that counter-offensive crap works, and it might in the short run, but in the long run, it’s just running time off of that little biological clock you’ve got ticking.  Next stop, Cougartown.

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