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HELLO LADIES. Look down, now back up, now back down, what’s that in your hand? Back at me! I have it; it’s a cell phone…

Recently I came across an article on CNN titled, Texting During Sex? Some Say it’s OK. You know, sometimes you have to sit back and admire the ingenious simplicity of the behind the scenes title makers at CNN, because I was hooked!

After reading this article I quickly realized that I need to stop dating women under the age of 25. I’ve actually been trying to implement this kind of strong-willed discipline for some years now, but this article was the final motivation W.I.M. needed. You see, I am 27 years old and on average, I date women who range between barely old enough to vote to just old enough to drink – well, after their birthday next month anyway. This isn’t my fault, because in my head I’m still college-aged. Instead, it’s the public at large with their condemnatory stares and hushed whispers that have begun to frown upon my penchant for dating women half-decades my junior, who you know, also happen to be sophomores in college, the bastards. But, I digress…

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The article states that a 1,000 person survey “found about one in 10 people younger than 25 say that they would not mind being ‘interrupted by an electronic message’ during sex.” But, the main question is: Is it appropriate to send or receive text messages during sex?

First, my partner and I cannot control who send us text messages during our vertical, ankle elevating or back arched at a 45-degree angle escapades. However, would I be offended if my significant other took it upon herself to send a 160 character message in the middle of our baby-making practice rounds? Well, that depends. What’s in said text message? Because if her friend asks, “What are you doing?” and she responds, “Girl, I’m on a horse!” Well, I might be ok with that.

On the other hand, if that text conversation goes something like, “What are you doing?” and she responds, “Nothing. Bored. You?” Well, then I might be a little hurt. Of course, I’m not going to stop or anything, because as a man I do my crying in the rain or in the shower plus it would take a lot more than an insensitive text message conversation to get me to stop having consensual relations – like maybe a Twitter alert.

I really don’t know how to feel about this article. As I’ve pointed out, I’m not as young as I use to be and quite frankly I’m just happy when anyone chooses to “ride the beat, like a motherf**kin freak” (#shoutout to Ciara!) with me. That whole axiom about “it takes two to tango” is totally overrated and completely misleading. It really doesn’t!

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As far as I’m concerned, you can read your email and text, watch TV, pluck your eye brows and talk on the phone about Desperate Housewives during the act, as long as there’s still an act to act out. Then again, maybe I’m in the minority?

So ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts, opinions, or suggestions? Is it ok to text (or Tweet) during sex? Why or why not?

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