But baby, these things have meaning! Come back!

As many of you know from 3 Ways or my sporadic tweets, I’m in the process of transitioning to NYC for a new gig. This past weekend was spent sorting through piles of paper, clothing, electronics, and general clutter in an effort to prep before the move next weekend.  During the damn near 5 years I spent in Boston, I always had a lot of space to store things, run laps around my apartment, or thronx without breaking anything other than what she asked me to. I thought having space was the norm until I went to look at spots in NYC to see what my money would get me…

Yep. No more of that. What I paid in Boston would get me a nice shoe box studio with low ceilings  and mouse droppings in NYC. This led me to the following ground-breaking equation:

Slim + Shoe Box Apartment + furniture for a full 1 bedroom apartment = misery = anybody’s house on the show Hoarders sans the dead cat

Where’s my Nobel Peace Prize? Anyway, my choice was to eff up my fantastic credit score by trying to ball out of control or get rid of some of the stuff in my Boston life raft. I chose the latter because I’m just so damn responsible and mature. I’m lying. I did it because I would have been embarrassed had anybody come by and opened my cabinets and/or fridge to find nothing but ramen, peanut butter, jelly, bread, and Adobo seasoning. I’m way too old to be employed in a salaried gig and to be living like that. So yeah, I had to get rid of some thangs.

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I probably tossed 100 lbs of clothing, 50-60 pounds of paper, 30-40 pounds of food stuff, a mattress and box spring, and at least 3-4 electronics that I haven’t touched in years. And though I was tired, sweaty, and frustrated during the packing (pause) process, I still found little hot pockets of joy and/or momentary distractions. I came across a stack of cards that I’ve accumulated over the years from my parents. They were more proud of me than I was of myself at times.

I came across other cards from other family members. I need to do a better job staying in touch. I came across a bunch of old certificates/certification paperwork from my first gig out of college. I guess I learned more than I thought in that 3 years that I thought I wasted peddling products and services at reckless mark-ups. I found a little book from my pledging days with frantic scribbling inside. Damn, I hated the bruhz! I found a note from a despised ex that I’ve probably transported to 3 apartments in a box that hadn’t been touched in years. Even the worst people had have some good in them. I found a 175 foot tape measure. Why did I get that piece reduction surgery? I miss long jumping and running painful laps around the track. I found the first business card I had made for my escort service own venture. Ah yes, my first entrepreneurial failure. I found a lot of pictures. Those were the days.

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And I’ll be transporting all of this and more to NYC regardless of how little space I’ll have now…well, I’ll transport almost all of it. So while I hate the process of packing and I know the move will be stressful despite my efforts, I’m glad I had a chance to get rid of a lot of old baggage and to reflect on some of the more positive and influential things that have happened to me over the last 5-7 years.

When you have had to pack, move, or spring clean, what are some of the things that you can never seem to get rid of? If you had to pick 1 or 2 things that you bring with you from place to place even though you hardly use or look at them regularly, what would those things be? And the more obvious question, do you find yourself to be more of a hoarder or someone always lightening the load in your life raft?

Wondering who’s wearing my old Enyce and Rocawear gear lookin’ 2nd hand fresh,

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