Ontario must have some huge Naughty By Nature fans

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Today we have another awe inspring guest post from Mr. Cashmere Jones. Enjoy …


I believe Naughty By Nature said it best with “ya down wit O-P-P?!!”. If you don’t get that reference, then you’re too young to be on this site….but if not, you know that despite not wanting to admit it, deep down in the inner reaches of your soul you’re hollerin’ out “YEA YOU KNOW ME”! Naughty was talkin that young 18 – 25 year old hustle, while Mr. Jones is here to talk that grown man business, and keep those of ya’ll slippin’ in the game, from having your relationship invaded by the Other Man (or woman).

Young Thundercat: Don’t know what you talking bout homey, I got my shorty on LOCK!!

Well the fact of the matter is despite you being in a committed (18+ month) relationship with your baby, boo, buss-it-baby, 5-star chick, and whatever else cats  are calling their S.O. nowadays, there are still things about your S.O. that you don’t know. Hidden fears, struggles with past tragedy, dark desires, fetishistic fantasies and kinks that you never knew existed. You don’t know about these things….but I do…and she knows about mine too (for your sake only from conversation and not personal experience).

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Young Thundercat: Haha you a funny dude. How you figure that?

Well son, contrary to what you believe, someone was around her before you two met. She KNEW plenty of people before she met you.  She KNEW people as great friends and a shoulder to cry on, folks in that J Holliday put you to bed biblical sense; she KNEW that tall dark piece of African-American man-candy that she’s been schemin’ on for years but could never get it; and she even KNEW that nice guy who was always tryna get it but she never pulled dude up off the bench. And guess what…..I’ve filled at least one if not occupying multiple slots at one time in her life. For now though, since she’s in a relationship with you, I’m playing the good friend/confidant/shoulder to cry on position.

Young Thundercat: How you know all this, I don’t know you bruh?

Oh nah bruh we ain’t strangers, she hasn’t kept me on the low.  We’ve met before, plenty of times. Remember you just hit me up to see if me and my girl wanted to kick it with you and OUR girl for Memorial Day weekend? Yea, that’s me, Cashmere Jones, same dude.

Young Thundercat: So you tryna steal my lady now Cash?

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Calm down calm down, I’m not tryna steal your lady. The truth is, I like you but she initiates all of this stuff. She’s the one telling me about how you don’t communicate with her. How she wants to go out but you’re tired all the time, and when you do go out, she has to come up out her own pocket for you AND her. Not a good look homey. How your stroke game has fallen off drastically and how she alludes to what her and I used to do when the neighbors KNEW my name and how I had her Amy Wine’d out on my signature service back in the day. Oh yea, she told me all about that, and even asked if she should take a break from you.

But like I said before, I like you and she seems to be happy when you’re handling your business like you supposed to. I told her it’s not your fault. You haven’t matured enough to the point where you don’t quite see things the way her and I see them yet but you’re getting there. Go home, spend some QT with the lady, communicate with her, support her the way she needs to be supported, and please do whatever you need to do to handle your biz down south again.

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Young Thundercat: Good lookin’ out Mr. Jones, I’ma do that.

Chalk it up as Cash showing mercy and schoolin’ you to some game, and saving you from a stay in Heart Break Hotel. Aight, good talk…now get back the game lil homey.

Always tough tryna school a youngin’ to the game, but he’ll thank me for it later. He’s lucky he caught me in a transitional period, cuz in the past I’d beat his girl’s body like a Congo give the young lady what she wanted and then come to his cookout the next day and eat his food like that isht ain’t even just wrap up 3 hours prior (truestory).

Anyone noticing their SO getting a little too friendly with the opposite sex these days? It’s probably nothing though. It’s only just their homey from undergrad right?….RIGHT?!

Mr. C. Jones in closing saying, “don’t be tryna come around my girl actin like Mr. Friendly!”