I’m one of few men that I know who will admit that he has seen Sex & The City. I’ve seen each season and the first movie. I haven’t been able to catch the new movie only because I like to watch the movie alone. I refuse to go with a group of women and I don’t know any groups of guys who want to go watch the movie with me. That leaves me with going with a mixed group and women just won’t stop interrogating me about liking the show so much for me to be able to enjoy it. Sex & The City is also one of those shows that are either hit or miss. You hate it or you love it. There’s no one trying to see the movie who didn’t absolutely love the show or at least the premise for which it stands.

What bothers me is the obsessive women who insist on comparing themselves to each character in the movie. Fictional characters. The TV show is based on a book, one that I would encourage everyone read because it’s a good book, but I have met very few women who are Carrie, Sam, Miranda or Charlotte. Let me get this straight right now, I know like two women who are Charlotte. Everytime I hear someone compare themselves to her, I cringe. Let me sum up the characters for you from a heterosexual male perspective.

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Miranda: Stubborn woman. Successful, but very stubborn. Regardless of what people will tell her is the way to go, she’s going to do what she wants to do anyway. On paper, probably the best look of them all.

Charlotte: She’s a perfect wife. She’s Ms. Perfect, the problem is, very few want this type of woman because she’s actually not perfect. She’s worried about too much, she’s insecure, and I’m unsure of her motives.

Carrie: The most indecisive woman in the world, who represents the majority of women in the world. She doesn’t have a clue where she’s going. Other thing she has in common with a lot of women, she’s messing with a dude she knows she needs to stop messing with.

Samantha: …is a hoe. She knows it though, so no foul. I’m sure you could get her to be faithful, but why date someone who you are worried might cheat on you? Just the worry is enough to avoid the situation whether a foul has been committed or not.

I should make a point or take a stance about something today, right?

I believe that Carrie’s situation with Big is an interesting one because it symbolizes a great deal of relationships that I run into everyday. Women will always date the wrong guy for them because they are in “love.” You will find yourself dealing with the same guy that you know is not good for you, and you know will never give you what you want for years. I think women date “Big” and continue looking for a partner, but in reality, they secretly hope that one day “Big” will make a woman out of them. And see… that’s the part of SATC that’s false, in real life, Big doesn’t marry Carrie and they don’t end up together. Big stays married to his wife, and Carrie remains his woman on the side.

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So I guess what I tried to say today was that Sex & The City is a very entertaining show, but please don’t model your life around it, or use it as something you can compare yourself to. It’s an entertainment piece and that’s the best way for it to be.