So many of us watched the BET Awards. I have to first tip my cap and say it’s probably the best one since the last one with  MJ and James Brown. Speaking of Brown, it was definitely the comeback show, as Chris Brown performed and the THE MJ tribute we all wanted to see. The defining moment was when he broke down while singing Man in the Mirror. I never saw a collective swoon from the social media community or a universal reaction since the infamous #KanyeShrug. Many people say Light Skin Nation Chris Brown is back and all can now be forgiven. Others were quick to state that Breezy is far from done, can’t and should never be able to live down his mistake, and should be roasted every change they get! I’ve felt a way about these and other “judging” sentiments and finally saw the opportunity to drop this blog, so lets talk about forgiveness:

People shouldn’t have to suffer for a mistake forever

It is truly incredible the amount of backlash that I see when people in the spotlight commit some transgression. Some people seem to be relentless in bringing up these issues (jokes aside), and continually dismiss anything positive they do because of one eff up. I’ve had situations where I refused to forgive people. Others would interject and tell me that “Everyone makes mistakes”. A criminal who serves a prison term did the crime and did the time, so s/he should be acknowledged for their steps towards rehabilitation. It takes a big person to admit their faults, and a wise person to better themselves. If they complete these tasks, why continue to diminish their steps towards redemption? At some point people need to get over issues, release grudges, and move on… especially if the person’s actions did not directly impact your life in a negative manner!

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Those who live in glass houses…

My homie Miss Jenkins wrote a post about people who are quick to judge. She used a specific situation. I’ll be a bit more general. I hate hypocrisy and holier-than-thou thoughts. It’s one of the things I despise about sites like Twitter. Everyone has an opinion, whether it’s actually warranted or not. People engage these social networking sites and pontificate about the next person’s fault as if they’ve never committed sin. I understand the initial apprehension about Breezy crying on stage. I had to watch it a few times to see if the #swindle was upon us. However, I understood where son was coming from, and was proud he had his moment, when secretly MOST people were rooting for him to overcome. Which leads me to my next point:

Have you ever needed forgiveness?

These same members of the Church of  Twitter-Day Saints, who preach about other’s issues, act as if they’ve never needed forgiveness. As if they never did anything in life which they regret and requested penance. As if their lives are free of iniquity and transgression. Take it from a venomous Scorpio like myself: I understand the desire to hold a grudge, spit on the ground that foul people walk upon, and curse them to the Netherworld. However I also understand as a Christian and a reflective individual, that WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES! I can forgive but choose not to forget. I also can go on with life without the need to constantly bring up a person’s eff-up to keep them down.  I wonder if these same people who shoot down Chris Brown, A.Keys, and Pontius Pilate, would  feel like  they don’t deserve to move on with their lives if they commit similar acts. Serious question!

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I can see both sides. Where do I stand? Well, if you are that judgemental that no one in your eyes deserves forgiveness if they commit certain acts, then please don’t live a double standard when you lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, etc, and no one wants to forgive you. The public eye holds much scrutiny, but they are people just like us and deserve the same chances at redemption.

This may be a hot button topic, so let’s press that b*tch and MOVE!


P.S. In case anyone gets it twisted, I don’t condone anything Chris Brown did in that case. This post is about whether or not to forgive. I see the swindle like I’m clairvoyant. Ms Cleo.