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Your mom and your aunties are hella fancy at the all white party!

If you’ve heard both The-Dream and Drake’s version of Fancy, you know they are anthem to women who look good and know it/ flaunt it well. I salute these anthems because there are many women who know how to floss RIGHT! However, as we always do, we have identified the dark side of the Fancy phenomenon. Women who go above and beyond the definition of bourgeoisie/stush/saddity and commit acts so egregious, that we can only define them as “Fancy”. Here are a few examples of how women act up and act Fancy:

Going to the gym dressed like you’re going to the club – This is typical fancy behaviour for young ladies looking to Pickup men work it out.  The gym is a sacred edifice where men and women enter hopeful and leave better faster stronger. There is NO reason why you have 7 pounds of makeup applied, the newest in gym fashion neatly put together, and the aversion to sweat! Then you get on the elliptical for 5 minutes and consider mission accomplished! Please come back to Earth and leave the fancy activity at home. If you’re drop dead gorgeous, you get a pass #swindle.

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Hitting up the club with no money in your pocket – You put all that investment in your make-up bag and borrowed your besties shoes and lacefront new outfit, that you figure you will hit the town and do what you feel with no financial impact on your bank account! It’s your world huh?! You slept with are hella cool with the promoter, have already identified the crews by which you will infiltrate their tables and indulge in their liquor, and have scoped out all the celebrity V.I.P. areas, so that you can just “stand around” until invited to the lap of luxury. It never occurred to you that some men won’t buy you a drink, did it? When keeping it fancy goes wrong!

Conversation snobs – I once had a conversation with a woman at a social event. I saw one of my boys, and pardoned myself just to say hi. I didn’t take more than 2.2 seconds. I turn around to continue our conversation, and she’s already in another conversation with her homies! We’re cool, so I immediately called her out for being fancy, and she disputed my claim. While I say this was mild, I’ve seen dudes get shot down like DuckHunt for lesser offenses!

Boughetto Activity in general – If you have a wine glass filled with ciroc…at a BBQ, you’re acting fancy.  If you wear HEELS to a location filled with GRASS (ie BBQ, Backyard, the PARK), you’re fancy. If you eat Pizza with a knife and fork, you aint cultured, you FANCY!! Wearing any article of clothing with the tag in visible sight and not giving a eff? You are not bold, but you are extrememly FANCY! Walking around a metropolitan city (think LA, DC, NYC, ATL) with a   Parasol to protect from the sun? Fancy!

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and the list goes on and on…

So tell me SBM community, what are some of the Fancy activities you’ve witnessed? I know you saw some “who in da HAYLE left the gate open?!” moments. What about the women who pull it off correctly. Hell, what about the men who act fancy?! Let’s share and laugh, as one.