This is just plain old wrong.

The bible says that you should be equally yoke with the people you associate with. Most people don’t date outside their race, but that’s changing in 2010. However, are you more willing to date outside of your religion than you used to be? I think so. I think that as people are growing, or as the world goes left, people are starting to join hands regardless of their religion. What does that say about society? Are we all going to hell, or are we all converting to one faith? After all isn’t that what the corollary would be with interracial dating?

I asked myself this question. I knew that I had dated outside my religion several times in life, but did I regret it? No I didn’t. I appreciated it. My thoughts on religion are very different. And for good reason, I rarely ever discuss them with anyone. I find it funny that Christians want to tell everyone how great their God is, when they’re one of the younger religions on earth. My whole life I always felt like they were trying to convince someone of something that was sovereign, didn’t make much sense to me. I liken it to going around trying to tell someone that the sky is blue, why do you need to convince me of something that is quite obvious? But I always thought that my spirituality was a personal relationship that I had with how I came to grips with the logic surrounding my existence. My religion was how I chose to practice that logic.

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I believe that we are not here by chance, but I don’t believe that just because you aren’t a Christian you are going to hell, or not going to be in heaven. I practice a form of Christianity, let me be clear, I practice a form of Christianity. I personally don’t think that God is absolute, so I don’t believe in the concept of heaven and hell, the way most do. There are just so many exceptions to the rule that a god would have to consider. Anyway, that’s not the point.

The point is my spirituality is my journey, and it’s a personal journey. My journey is very different than that of my mother’s and will be much different than that of my wife. I remember when I first developed a close friendship with a person who was Muslim. She challenged me to think of things that I have never thought of before, I was astonished and wanted to learn more. Though I didn’t want to convert to Islam, I wanted to know what they believed and what they stood for. I can say the same as for when I decided to join a Black Greek lettered organization and was asked to study the Egyptian Book of the Mysteries, and read the Book of the Dead. (Deep stuff if you should ever choose to read.) It was then when I came to the realization that it’s not my job to tell someone how to get to heaven. Hell, no one knows for a fact but the creator. I’ll let him sift this one out later on. And I also considered that there are people who believe in Hinduism or Buddhism that will never hear a word about Christianity in their life, does this mean they will never find Nirvana?

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So like I said, my journey is personal. I’m not looking to my left or my right to confirm my faith, I’m looking to God, #zoranealehurtson. (#subliminaldraketweet). So in my opinion, I can date, and I can marry a person who doesn’t practice the same faith as me, and if that person should so happen to be atheist, so be it. Albeit, most atheists are agnostic and just don’t know it. Ask the vegans, about wordplay.

Minor note, I think that if you are going to raise children together you should probably discuss how you will handle religion, prior to marriage. Personally, I’d like to present my children with all the information and let them make their own decisions.

With that said, I’d like to know your thoughts. Consider this Dr. J submitting a letter to the massive that is the SBM readership. Be nice, because you’re talking to the guy who went to a pastor of a church, a woman with a Ph. D in Theology from Harvard and debated why Christians do not teach their believers about other faiths, I think I won.

LET’S SET SOME GROUND RULES: First, this is not an open call for evangelists. Second, don’t insult anyone for their beliefs or religion. I will be blocking any person who sends hateful comments. Lastly, I always think the best things come in threes and always run out of things. So I guess there’s only two rules. Enjoy.