You date someone. You break up (on Facebook). You continue to have sex. You get back together (on Facebook). You keep havin sex. You break up again (on Facebook). The sex stops. This time it’s for good. A few weeks months go by and both of yall are on to your next relationships (on Facebook). That’s all good and gravy. You moved on. Have a cookie and salute yourself. The feelings have subsided and you really could care less what the other person is doing…until you see that they’ve moved on to something worse than you.

All that “I just want you to be happy” stuff is somewhat accurate unless you’re a callous and evil SOB. So what happens when you see that the person has moved on to someone who really doesn’t cut the mustard on any level that you find acceptable? It’s probably happened to all of us. You’re just chillin’ one day and then you hear through the grapevine that your ex is in a new relationship. Out of curiosity you ask who or decide to check out their online profile and see that the person looks like T-Pain or looks like Bertha Fae McButtaface.

You laugh or you’re angry/disappointed. Not because you want the person back, but because their next partner isn’t up to par physically (woman concern) or is cornier than Nebraska (man concern). So let’s say you’re a nice lad/lass and you give their decision the benefit of the doubt. You peruse further through the new bf/gf’s profile, or you get the opinions of those that know your ex and find out the person has a lame background and isn’t really about ish. How does that make you feel?

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Personally, I’ve had an ex cross over to lesbianage and another one join mediocrity with quite a lame and ignorant Frat dude. As for the lesbianage, to each their own. I should’ve figured when I made certain jokes and the person got all upset and insecure that something was “different”. I didn’t understand the outrage at the time, but it all makes sense now. Oh well. As for moving on to the lame individual, I kinda just figured that she got what she deserved. A dude who prolly got beat up in high school on the regular deserves a chick who…well, let me not get too personal. Maybe the lame dude just laid on the floor and took heels to the back. Power to him. You can’t win ‘em all. Either way, eff it. May they live in awfulness happily cuz my life is great.

Either way, the ish is wack. It’s kinda like gettin slapped in the face when it happens. You’d like to think that anybody you dated, regardless of if they were a mistake, had some highly redeeming qualities that you could speak of. You wanna believe they’re ultimately good people, but then they go and a sign a contract with a fledgling and feeble franchise with no potential. Now some would see this as hate, others would see it as stone cold truth. I, being the upstanding individual that I am, try to disregard it all together. Homegirl’s friends prolly cheered her on to victory and gave her all these reasons why I was wack/lame/booty bunz even though they don’t know the reality of what it was that I dealt with. Maybe they did. Who knows? I’ve had the temptation in the past to make public comments, but I just let it rock. If I see them out in them streets, it’s been laughter and smiles. I’m just an a-hole like that sometimes.

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But enough about me, what do yall do when this happens? Are you salty or do you not care at all? Do you call the person out on their wack progression or let them live together in misery? I guess a lot of this depends on how yall ended and your gender. We wanna hear what yall got to say on this one. Let the chitter chatter be fruitful and entertaining for all!

Something Witty,