If you haven't please, watch this movie. It's as important as Boomerang to a young Black man.

Admin Note: It wasn’t even on SBM on Monday, I decided I was going to write this post as misogynistic as it might sound a week ago, I don’t even care.  It had to be written.

I’ll be flat out honest with you, I still don’t know why Idris didn’t sleep with Ali in, “Obsessed.”  Ali Larter’s character in “Obsessed” was bat sh*t crazy.  A lot of women will say, she was mentally disturbed and in need of psychiatric help, you know what that means in Mars, “crazy.”  I mean, I can’t lie that a lot men use the word “crazy” to describe women who react to things they do, that they shouldn’t do.  For example, whenever I tell the story of the time the chick tried to hit me with her car, I always preface it by saying, “Let me not act like I didn’t have nothing to do with the situation, but seriously, she was crazy.”  However, some women are just that, crazy.

“If it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that b*tches be motherf*cking tripping.” – W.C.

Here are some of the examples of how to pick up on Bat Sh*t Crazy Women:

Violent and Abusive

Let’s get this one out of the way early and in a hurry.  People shouldn’t put their hands on another person, so we would be lying if we didn’t expose some of these women for the scoundrels that they are.  I know, and you know some women who think it’s cool to put their hands on a man. They do some of the craziest things in the name of, “You gon’ hit a woman.”  Moreover, verbal abuse is real.  Your man should not have to be cussed out every time you don’t get what you want.  Funniest thing I ever heard, wasn’t even a couple it was a girl talking to her girl and she said, “Take me home and don’t say sh*t to me.”

Senile and Invasive

Some women are paranoid.  They are always insisting that you are with another woman.  You get out the shower and she’s on your phone looking through your saved pictures, text messages, and phone call log.  And a lot of people are lying if they say they’ve never done it.  Out of the women I know who have iPhones, at least 75% always ask me, how to take the SMS preview off.  People only suspect others to do what they would do in a similar situation.

Ignorant and Dismissive

You ever have a woman who just would not listen to reason.  “Baby that’s the coat check lady!” – Martin Lawrence.  No matter what you say, she’s insisting that you are up to something or the other chick is up to something.  She’ll bust in your dorm room with a wooden spoon swinging at your cousin.  Wait, have you ever had a woman tell you to do something that only pertained to you and not her.  “I don’t feel comfortable with your personal physician being a woman.”  Ignorant a*s.

Obsession and Destructive

This is the one I wanted to talk about the most.  There are women who will come up to me and tell me they love me.  No, they didn’t say, “Hello, my love.”  They looked me in the eye and said, “I love you.”  I swear to you, I don’t even know her name.  There are women who will say, “If I can’t have him, no one can.”  They will ruin you.  They will find out you’re dating someone and pick up the phone and sabotage your relationship.  I was dating a girl a while back, she hits me up and tells me that someone called her asking if she was my girl.  My question was, “How the hell did they get your number?!”  I followed it back, and it turns out that a pink person, told a pink person, who told a pink person in Rochester, who asked a pink person in Syracuse, and the number was magically delivered.  I ain’t blaming the pink.  But that’s obsession and destruction at its best.

I don’t want to make all women out to be crazy.  I know that women struggle with that.  They are tired of every time they react to a guy’s actions, they are told they are crazy.  Or, that women are incapable of reacting rationally.  Women have feelings, and if you step on that woman’s feelings she may react emotionally.  And that’s real, men should keep in mind, that you can’t get mad at a woman for going bat sh*t crazy, if you are driving her crazy.  Here’s the thing that you CAN do, when a woman shows or tells you she’s crazy…SET UP A NO-FLY PEEN ZONE.  If a woman says to you, “Yeah I look through my man’s phone because I want to know who he’s talking to.”  DO NOT date that girl.  Let her be, someone else should fall for that trick.

I pray that this message reaches you all in good mental health.  Women always want to know what a guy means when he says, “that girl is crazy.”  These are the signs most commonly associated with, “crazy” when a man is speaking in terms of dating.

Addendum: Men can be just as crazy, you could just as easily switched in “he” for “she”.  With the exception of the phone call fiasco, men just do not go through those great lengths to see if a girl is talking to someone.