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For years I’ve heard from various female friends, my sisters, and other family members that men drive women insane. That we, through our thoughts, words and actions, can cause a brain hemorrhage and force an unsuspecting innocent female to go estupido loco on a dude. To this I yell Shenanigans and Poppycock! In fact, I would go as far as to say that women drive men even more insane! So to get more readers involved be fair, I’ve enlisted the assistance of my future sugar mama who will pay my bills after she passes the bar peoples Miss Jenkins from ThreeWaysToTakeit to discuss this topic in a civilized, rational manner.

Streetz: Jenkins what it look like homie? So I felt like I had to call out women on this swindle. How could you possibly say that men drive women crazy? Like we just go around saying “what chick will I make break my car windows today? Hmmm” Does that even make sense to you?!

Miss Jenkins:  Yes, yes, absolutely yes. (||) Men push women over the edge. I mean, most women don’t wake up in the morning and say, “I think I’ll be crazy today,” and go around lighting clothes and other belongings of some unsuspecting stranger on fire. Nope. The woman who does this is in a relationship with some man who pushed her to her breaking point. I will say this though: some women don’t need much help getting there.

Streetz: I’m glad you said it so I didn’t have to go in on you, and not in the way your filthy McNasty mind operates. I believe women all have a crazy gene, similar to the X-Gene, that is dormant until puberty. Once activated, whether latent or full blown, it gives women the ability to commit acts of craziness and the better ability to JUSTIFY IT!

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Now, I won’t say that men don’t commit egregious acts against women to warrant a beatdown, but you can’t tell me that they were 100% normal at the onset. Man you was who you was ‘fore you got here – Jay-Z. Also, the fact that women are crazy by nature, they know how to manipulate this and convert mentally stable men to psychosis in 0 to 60. Let’s not act like we haven seen this before Jenkies…

Miss Jenkins: The fact that women are crazy by nature?? I wouldn’t go that far, but let’s say for argument’s sake all women have this “crazy gene” you speak of.  Whether a woman carries the gene is irrelevant. Why? Because the gene doesn’t mean anything to her or her man if it’s just there on the sidelines in a straight-jacket. It’s not until he does something to activate that gene (cheating, lying, misleading, backstabbing, etc.) that he learns about his boo’s propensity to bust the windows out of cars.

Gene analogy aside, each woman is so different from the next. It’s hard to say whether a woman will lose it ever or what would bring her to that point. Generally, I think a woman is more likely to be passive aggressive in the way she react to things that have hurt her in some way. Maybe she’ll pick fights with him about random things. She’ll stomp around the house pouting in hopes he’ll ask what’s wrong. Better yet, she’ll start to send flirty messages to some no-good ex just to make herself feel like she’s getting back at the boo. Or maybe she’ll withhold sex.  Movies and television like to sensationalize women’s emotional reactions (cues Waiting to Exhale car burning scene). Then again, some women will put up billboards in Times Square to put their men on blast. **shrugs** I guess you just never know. Y’all should just stop doing things that could make us act out.

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Streetz: And this, at the heart, is what drives men Super Crazy. ECW. You think we all were taught at the Charles Xavier School For The Gifted and just repress our telepathy. We like to know what it is, when it is. If you have a problem, say it! This precognitive theory of communication get us nowhere but into arguments and misunderstanding. Furthermore, you know women have that “woman logic” that goes against all known forms of science, math, and deductive reasoning ever exhibited on 7lb 4oz baby Jesus’s Earth! I say “the sky is blue” you will say “well since you didn’t rub my back today it’s turned red, and you don’t even notice my new hairdo!” Umm excuse me?! Factor in the “Hell Hath No Fury” theorem on women’s revenge and it’s quite obvious to me that women naturally drive men up a wall.

I think women are more emotional by nature and let that guide them. Doesn’t mean men can’t be just as emotional, but on average women are more emotional than men and will make emotional moves. Source: CNN

Miss Jenkins: Touché. I didn’t say it was right. I too have expected a man to know that I when I said “Nothing’s wrong,” I was lying through my teeth. Then I wanted him to figure out what he did and make it all better with his vitamin D. As I’ve matured, I have learned this is kinda ridiculous. I am not a fan of leading with emotion all the time. Emotions are devoid of logic. Divorcing the two leads to senseless arguments, pumpless sleepless nights, bitter days, and baggage. Men, add more emotion; women, use more logic.

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Granted, women should take more time to think about their emotions and determine if their first reaction is the best one considering the context. But men should also consider emotions as well. It’s not like y’all don’t have them. You can’t take this woe is me/men-don’t-do-anything-and-are-victimized-by-women’s-craziness approach. Women don’t naturally drive y’all up walls. (||) It’s a reaction thing. Someone does something, then someone responds. Could be a man or a woman who gets the ball rolling.

Streetz: I mean…. I guess we can compromise. OK let’s wrap this up. Trojan.

Miss Jenkins: **evil grin**

So we ask you SBMers: Do men drive women crazy? Do women drive men crazy? Are we crazy?! Holla at us!