She walked into the locker room like this?! HAMMMBURGER!


Sh*it has been a little crazy over here the last few weeks. The entire team has been grinding like nobodys business. Dr Jay has a new eBook out. Slim is adjusting to his new job/environment. RCLS is trying to get his uncle Trevor and em their papers so they don’t get deported back to Montego Bay. SBM’s starting school again (salute to that dude I retired from Grad School). Me?  I’m just trying to make a dollar out of a food stamp shawty! My cohorts will chime in with their rantings at a later time. We be busy, n sh*t.

I personally wanted to take this rant to thank you guys for all of your support and loyal readership. We have a LOT of big things on the way, so definitely stay tuned!

Remember my *ahem* little issue with the post office? Well there has been a resolution, or I should say there was, but I didn’t get a chance to write about it. I’ll put part 2 on Streetztalk sometime today.

Finally, I’m very pleased with my fitness goals that I’ve achieved, but I won’t rest on my past accomplishments. Goals are meant to be exceeded. Time to keep going!!

Eff a tornado, NYC is NOT KANSAS!!!!


So for the few of you who haven’t seen me b*tch and moan about it on twitter, I am in Business school and I am busier than I could eve imagine.  Got 12 hour days, homework and readings, and am still expected to go out and network (drink with classmates).  Forgive me if I’ve been ghost.

I wonder if being rich will help my relationship or hurt it.  Technically, there is little to no guarantee that I will make money in my lifetime … but lets be optimistic for a moment.

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Boston isn’t that bad of a city … but how the f*ck do young and single black professionals do it here?  The clubs must close legally at 2am, but the clubs here close at like 1am!!! The club closes at 1am!?!?!  Also, apparently 50% capacity is too packed and you can’t let people upstairs anymore.  Nonsense …

The Honorable and Rather Articulate Award Winning RightCoastLexSteele,

I am rather appalled by the fact that a nut job like Carl Paladino could not only win a primary for the highest office in NY State, but win by a 30 pt margin.  Cuomo has already been anointed by most of the state as the next Governor, but this Paladino thing has to be the lowlight of my week.  The last time I threatened to bring a bat to work to settle differences on the job, it became an HR issue and it won me a trip Anger Management, but this guy wins a nomination.  Only in America I suppose.

I still haven’t gotten over the fact the myspace bought out Imeem in a desperate attempt to close the gap between them and facebook.  I’ve learned to accept pandora as an acceptable replacement, but apparently pandora has no idea who David Rodigan, Stone Love, Killamanjaro, Tony “Mentally Ill” Matterhorn, Black Kat, Bass Odessy, Mighty Crown and Black Chiney are, and I had a very nice collection of rare joints stacked up on imeem.  Now that I think about it, you probably have no idea who they are either, but give thanks to Jah for google right?  Yes, I do realize some of you may have to google “Jah” as well, but hey it’s not my fault you’re not culturally immersed. *RCLShrug*

Redskins fans: Calm the f*ck down.  Sunday’s showing was thoroughly umimpressive at best.  I have no idea why you guys don’t just give up the ghost and root for the Ravens.  I mean…is DC even a state?  Why do you guys even have sports teams?   Whatever, good luck w/ Philly’s sloppy seconds…f*ck 5, it’s all about 7.  All Hail Dese Nuts.

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Free Buju B.  Word.

Dr. J

“I just wanna have this threesome, and these dykes to be down.” – Cameron Giles

“All respect to those who break their neck to keep their h*es in check.” – Tupac Shakur

I hate the fact that I can’t say what I want to say sometimes. Growing up, I was always the class clown, a little shorter than everyone, a little skinnier than everyone and my defense mechanism was to be funny as hell.  In DC, we call it Jone’ing, or Joaning, they call whoo-riding in Cali, and now I think everyone calls it “going in…” whatever it was, I was damn good at it.  But then I got to be the Mike Tyson of Going In, I would cut so deep that it was leave a wound.  So after making a few chicks cry and a few dudes turn into the Big Bad Wolf… I just stopped saying what was on my mind all the time.

“You know what I really hate?” – Richard Pryor

Cigar please…

I despise CBC Weekend in DC for everything it stands for and the people who brought it.  Long lost are the grassroots organizations that made leaps and bounds in the civil rights movement.  I’m not afraid to say it, but Roy Jones was talking about Black people when he said, “Y’all musta forgot.”  Black folk are more dressed up to get in the club than they will ever be for a Urban League or NAACP meeting.  We’ve convinced ourselves that our battle is in business and corporate America. And we’ve forgotten that America is not the Northeastern corridor.  It takes the Jena 6, to remind us of this, and that’s just pathetic.  But as it pertains to the CBC… you have all these celebrities hosting your events, celebrities who aren’t even on Capitol Hill.  I can’t tell you one thing that the CBC actually does, or stands for, except 4 piece suits, 10 foot hankerchiefs and Broke-Phi-Broke.  I mean, without disrespecking anybody, Cap Hill staffer make $26K, you in the club talking about who you know and moves you making in DC.  That’s ok because I actually know Benjamin Franklin and he says you’re a b*tch.  It’s a bunch of networking amongst people who brag and boast but ain’t doing nothing.  “If Martin could see you now…”  If the CBC does anything this weekend it should stand up to people like Charlie Rangel and tell him to go take his black a*s somewhere and sit down.  It should encourage these “black folk” to do something, and for the ones who have been in office for 15-30 years, let it go.  That’s why Black people are becoming complacent, Jesse need to move on to the side and we need new blood.  Same with Congress.  Let one of these young whippersnappers get a shot at making a difference.  Tell you write now, I don’t even like Tavis Smiley, but I like what my dude Brandon has to say about Education and he’s running for MD state representative.  Tavis is going to tell me how to be Black.  Negro please, and another question, “where the f*ck did you get that accent from?!”

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“What my favorite word?!” – Todd Anthony Shaw

[Storming out like Toby Reynolds]

Rant Away my beautiful people!

The SBM  Staff!